the workroom family tradition calls for a community quilt to welcome new baby members to the fold.

Sweet Landyn Gabriel was born Thursday January 7th, 2016 in Calgary to our dearest Rosalyn & Rafal. It was especially important to us to send a quilt off to this little family, since we could not shower them with our love in person.

Quilt planning began months ago with colours – Yellow, a colour Rosalyn loves and one that reflects her sunny spirit. Chambray, since we knew a little boy was on his way and we all love chambray so much at the workroom. Plus, shades of white as the neutral. Besides the colours and the block size (9″ finished), the rest was up to each contributer. Not everyone is a quilter, so we encouraged people to use whatever medium they wanted – see if you can spot the embroidered thread weaving, applique blocks and digitally printed drawings! It’s always so exciting when the blocks get dropped off and you can see that they go perfectly together! I especially love that many people worked a nautical theme into their blocks (and fabrics) and the quilt shines brightly with eight star blocks!

Of course, we had to to quilt it on the workroom’s Bernina Q24 longarm. We chose a bubbly & wavy freehand design, that was really fun to stitch.

There were 24 contributers to this special quilt – Romina Maggi, Erin P, Sogol Lohi, Debbie Arruda, Jerisse De Juan, Johanna Masko, Angelune Des Lauriers, Jacqueline Sava, Nadia Morrison, Ayalah Hutchins, Celine Kim, Julie Sinden, Maria Naveiro, Alexis Da Silva, Lauren Bunton, Melodie Kwan, Carolanne Graham, Suzanne French, Katherine Skene, Katrina Kilroy, Julie Cardoni, Michelle Demenlenaere, Carolina Berinstein & Karyn Valino

Very special thanks to Debbie, who made a surprise visit to Calgary to hand deliver all our love and this beautiful quilt to baby Landyn, Rosalyn & Rafal. Even though we are far away, we love you just as much and will always be with you now!

You can see all the detailed photos of Landyn’s quilt and all the individual blocks here.

It’s also fun to peek back at our past community quilts for Debbie’s son, Henry and Angelune’s son, Sebastian.

Landyn Quilt Hanging

Debbie's Block

Jerisse's Block + Heart Quilting

Nadia's Block

Celine's Block


Katrina & Julie Cardoni's Blocks

Carolina & Karyn's Blocks

Landyn's Quilt Back

Landyn's Quilt : Bound & Ready

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