We’re going to Paris! Our flights are booked and we rented a cute apartment in Le Marais for an entire week. I’m excited to try macarons for the first time, eat pain au chocolat everyday and simply wander the streets of Paris with Andrew.

I would be delighted to hear any insights you have on your favourite Paris secrets. Do tell!

Of course, a special trip to France deserves some custom-made items. Top priority are – a summery dress made from white eyelet fabric, a versatile bag with pockets and zippers that will be secure from pickpocketers (It happened to me once before!) and a new strap for my camera. I’ve added these to my crafty list.

The stack of reading/viewing on my bedside table has been kept fresh with special thanks to Isabelle (Buttons), Shana (Twilight!), Paris (Julie N), and Katrina (How to improve your quilting stitch). I’m working my way through this pile as quickly as my 16 hour days will let me.