I thought I would start sharing #MakeSomethingLoves stories here about things/places/people that I’m obsessed with. It will likely be lots of local love from Toronto, but hopefully some loves found while travelling (physically and perhaps on the internets).

I spent Sunday night at Roncesvalles shop, Likely General, for a workshop called ‘How To Not Always Be Working‘ led by Marlee from Have Company. I’ll talk more about this wonderful experience later but needless to say I’ve been thinking quite a bit about our discussions that night.

After the workshop I couldn’t help but do some shopping. I don’t ever wear perfume or scents. Sometimes a bit of Ylang Ylang oil. I noticed the black Lvnea packaging right away and tested out all the scents. I kept coming back to the Ghost Pine, so it came home with me. I’ve tried buying perfume oil in the past and many times never wore them. This one is different, I love wearing it. I have even been putting it on before I go to sleep because it makes me so happy.

Lvnea is hand-crafted in Montreal and they make many lovely products that I’ll probably need to buy now, especially the Yuzu Frankincense Ginger Body Serum. I love the idea of using scent to trigger relaxation, happiness and mini mind breaks. Do you have a favourite scent you can’t get enough of?

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