Sorry for making you wait all day to find out who the winners were, but it’s my day off and I got caught up in the kitchen making pear jam with my mom! I’m writing this as my final batch boils on the stove.

Wowee! I was so delighted to read all 113 comments on the Mendocino contest post that I decided to pick two winners. The first winner will receive the eight fat quarters and the second winner is receiving four fat quarters of Mermaid happiness. I went to one of those online random number generators to save time and paper….

Winner 1 is commenter #24 – Charlotte! whose favourite mythological creature is the Griffin.
Winner 2 is commenter #105 – Erin K! whose favourite mythological creature is the Tree Octopus.

As Kim said, “Hooray for Cryptozoology!”. I loved reading all your responses about the mythical creatures you loved. I did a quick tally to see which were the most popular.

1. Mermaid
2. Unicorn
3. Faeries
4. Dragon
5. Phoenix
6. tie between Pegasus & the Loch Ness Monster & Griffin
7. tie between Snuffleupagus & Bigfoot/Yeti/Cabbage Ape

It was really lovely to hear from each of you. I didn’t realize until I started a blog how important leaving comments is to the author. It makes my day to hear from you and know you’re out there reading my ramblings.