Cool Couture Remake Dresses
ISBN 9784579112289
purchased from Pomadour’s Craft Cafe

So, I actually ordered two books with my last etsy order and this is the second one. ‘If you’re ordering one, you might as well get two’ is my motto for Japanese Dress Books.

I particularly like the dramatic black and white photography and styling for the first section of the book. It is quite a contrast to the younger girl posing with a cinnamon bun on her shoulder in the second section which is actually standard styling for these books.

I was really excited when I discovered this book which focuses on transforming sweatshirts, tshirts, men’s shirts and neckties into new garments and accessories. I love to cut up and remix old clothes or thrift store finds, so it’s great to get some fresh ideas. I usually just deconstruct one item, while this book shows how to use parts of one to four garments to create some cool looking clothing. I need to do a bit more studying to figure out which one  to try first – Tunic from Twin Tshirts (girl with hand on hip and stuffed bee in her hand) is a definite forerunner.