Saturday night Angelune invited me to have dinner with a few of her friends and Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge. Grace was in town to speak at the Interior Design Show. Over french fries and beer (orange juice for me) we chatted about favourite tv shows (I really have to get a hold of some Arrested Development episodes), rent prices in Toronto vs Brooklyn vs New York City vs Hoboken, and what a real poutine should consist of. We ate at the Gladstone Cafe and after dinner headed upstairs to see the Come Up to My Room show.

It was super crowded and quite hot, but we elbowed our way into each of the rooms, which were designed and decorated by different designers. It was awesome to see the show with Grace (who is just so incredibly sweet) and to see how excited she was by our local designers. Design*Sponge was the first blog that I ever read and it has been especially inspiring for me to watch the blog grow from something that Grace did part time to something that is now her full time job and business. She has been a major influence on me and my decision to make the leap to having my own business. It was definitely a thrill for me to meet her in person.

Angelune also introduced me to Derrick Hodgson who is my favourite local artist. His room was a delight and so was he. I took one of the free posters (so did everyone else) he was giving away as a placeholder until I buy myself one of his original paintings. (one day!)