A miraculous thing happened last week, I had lunch. Not only that, I had lunch outside the shop! Jen came by and took me out for a bite to eat at The Beaver. I’ve been dying to try the food there and it did not disappoint. We both had salads. That seems really ‘girlie cliche’, but I really just needed some greens. I don’t get enough with all the pie and cake and cannolis that I eat. I had the prosciutto salad and Jen had the smoked salmon salad. Yummy. Also, Jen always has THE best earrings. It’s jealousy-making.

For my fellow Gossip Girl pals, please check out this hilarious article in New York magazine…I haven’t even seen the episode they’re talking about, but I LOVE the assignment of points for every little detail and the +240 comments that follow. Also, reading the comments I discovered the I Am Chuck Bass blog. AND the Chuck Bass Womanizer commercial. That should keep you busy for a while!