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Advanced Natural Dyeing Reunion

Thursday night, Julie hosted a fun backyard dyeing party for the students from the Advanced Natural Dyeing class. During the class we weren’t able to get the zinc lime indigo vat going properly, so Julie offered to have us over when she got one going successfully at home.

It was the perfect night to be outside eating fresh baked bread and cheese, drinking iced tea and experimenting with indigo. There were two indigo vats that Julie had going. One was a zinc lime indigo vat (you can see the ‘flower’ below that forms on top of the vat when it is ready for dyeing) and the other was a natural fermentation vat. We found the natural fermentation vat to be deeper in colour and I felt like I could try to do this type of indigo vat on my own. It was pretty exciting to try out other types of indigo. What is it about indigo blue?

I did some Itajime Shibori, which is created by simply folding and clamping your fabric. It’s so simple, but the results are stunning. I’m really happy with how my square window panes turned out and it was my first time trying to do triangular folds. I’m not too sure what I’m doing with these indigo pieces but I’m sure you’ll see them re-appear in another form in the future.

We also set up a pot of cochineal with lime juice, which seems to give some brilliant red results to the yarns that Susan and Julie were dyeing. We tried mixing cochineal and log wood into another pot and got a pretty purplish colour.

I over-dyed a few pieces that will go into my natural dyed quilt. I think I’m ready to assemble the quilt top and back. I can’t wait to see how all these dyed samples look together.

We stayed outside dyeing and chatting until it got too dark to see what we were doing and the mosquitos started to bite. We missed Carolanne and Margie that night, who couldn’t make it, but we talked about another get together since we had so much fun.

We ended the night with a raspberry pie that I got at Mabel’s on Roncesvalles. YUM. I’m plotting going back for another one that I might try to eat all by myself.

Check out Arounna’s photos here and Julie’s photos here. The top photo in this post is by Brian who took some great shots while I was unfolding my fabric.

p.s. Julie opened up a little shop on etsy to sell some limited run natural dyed accessories and yarns!

Advanced Natural Dyeing Reunion

Advanced Natural Dyeing Reunion

Advanced Natural Dyeing Reunion

Advanced Natural Dyeing Reunion

Advanced Natural Dyeing Reunion

Advanced Natural Dyeing Reunion

Advanced Natural Dyeing Reunion

Advanced Natural Dyeing Reunion

Advanced Natural Dyeing Reunion

Advanced Natural Dyeing Reunion

Advanced Natural Dyeing Reunion

Advanced Natural Dyeing Reunion

Advanced Natural Dyeing Reunion


Brunch in Hamilton

What a great weekend! We were invited to brunch in Hamilton at Jen & Kyle‘s place on Saturday. This was an extra special treat for me, as I work every Saturday, so it felt like a mini vacation to steal off with Andrew for the morning to visit with friends.

The first thing I spotted when we entered their home was their Presto Nine Patch Quilt. What a thrill! I never get to see where all the quilts go to live when they leave the shop. It made me so happy to see it laid out over their couch.

We had the most delicious brunch that included amazing blueberry pancakes, egg strata, sausages, chocolate granola, mimosas, chai tea (thanks celine & jin) and SMORES (thanks roz)!

I had to get back to the workroom for the afternoon (to make moccasins), so we didn’t have a chance to explore Hamilton. But I’m crossing my fingers that we might get invited back for a second visit.

Thanks so much for a fun and delicious morning, guys!

p.s. Happy Valentines Day, friends. A big hug to all of you!!

Brunch in Hamilton

Brunch in Hamilton

Brunch in Hamilton

Brunch in Hamilton

Brunch in Hamilton

Brunch in Hamilton

Brunch in Hamilton



It has been exactly a month since I took a little weekend trip to NYC with my friend Marie Beath, so it’s about time that I actually got around to organizing and posting these photos!

We rented an apartment in Gramercy for our stay and it worked out perfectly. The location seemed to suit us and the bonus was that we were located a few blocks away from the Shake Shack. The Shake Shack is new to me, but is a outdoor burger joint in Madison Square Park. Known for their awesome food, they are also well known for their incredibly long line ups. You can check their website’s shack cam to check out how long the line up is in advance of heading over. Luckily since we were so close, we were able to sneak over at odd times to get our fix. Cheese fries & vanilla shake!

Quite a bit of our trip centred around food and eating all sugary things that crossed our path. I am in love with New York food trucks. They are absolutely not like anything we have here in Toronto. I’m talking about organic ice cream and coffee (Van Leeuwen), dumplings (Rickshaw), natural slush (Kelvin), and tacos (Endless Summer). There are lots more. I’d love to do a tour, just sampling all this delicious truck food.

When we weren’t eating, we actually covered lots of ground, Central Park to Soho, Chelsea to West Village to Nolita and even a day in Williamsburg. Here are a few of my favourite highlights….

  • Ace Hotel : Our trip started and ended here, actually. Stump Town coffee, breakfast at The Breslin and buying Japanese socks at the Opening Ceremony shop.
  • Momofuko Milk Bar : A slice of grasshopper pie and birthday cake ‘truffles’.
  • Grand Central Terminal : One of my favourite buildings in New York. I just love the restored constellation ceiling.
  • Eataly : Italian food emporium. This was our Friday night excitement. Seriously.
  • Green Market in Union Square
  • The Highline
  • Art Galleries in Chelsea : My favourite street for gallery hopping is West 24th Street between 10th & 11th Avenues. This is where the Gagosian, Mary Boone, Marianne Boesky and Luhring Augustine galleries are located.
  • Magnolia Bakery : We walked by at a moment when there was no line!
  • Purl Soho : I got to go check out their new larger location and browse all their lovely goods
  • Coclico : One of my favourite shoe shops. I lucked out with an awesome pair of grey wedge shooties
  • Cafe Gitane : Side walk table, watermelon juice, goat cheese with pomegranate molasses and bread + couscous = heaven.
  • Juliette in Williamsburg : Met up with Canadian gal pals, Natalie & Jen, for delicious brunch in their garden room.
  • Mast Brothers Chocolate in Williamsburg : American craft chocolate. I didn’t realize, but they do tours of their factory on the weekend. This is on my list for next time!
  • The Strand : I don’t know how many hours I have spent wandering the aisles of this incredible book store.
  • Don Hills : Dancing at an open bar fashion week party until the wee hours of the morning. Surprise (to me) concert by Crystal Castles. Fun!

I’ve posted all my photos from the weekend here, including my daily photos of Marie Beath with her soy latte. Can’t wait for the next girls weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving!

NYC Soy Latte #1

Kelvin Natural Slush Co.

Grand Central Station

Union Square Green Market

The Highline

Chelsea Art Galleries

Dinner at Cafe Gitane

The Strand

Don Hill's Fashion Week Party

New Grey Shoes x 2!


365 : 227

The week before last, Andrew and I took some time off work and enjoyed a week staycation here in Toronto. We had decided that rather than travel somewhere, we would relax at home and enjoy the city. We had a great time checking out great new restaurants, many of which are walking distance from our house!

Here are some highlights from our week off:

  • Blue Plate : We went here for both a dinner and a brunch and enjoyed both the food and the atmosphere.
  • Universal Grill : An old favourite that we had forgotten about on Dupont.
  • Zocalo : Awesome new place that opened up at Bloor & Symington. Great food and service.
  • We watched ‘Scott Pilgrim’. Perfect Toronto-centric movie.
  • June Harlow : Very new restaurant at Dupont and Edwin with wonderful food. Their dessert menu includes freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and homemade smores.
  • Bloordale Pantry : We’ve been here multiple times now for their brunch. Delicious.
  • Yasi’s : They sell Kawartha Dairy ice cream and they are half a block from our house. Danger.
  • A visit to see Andrew’s brother, Mike at the organic farm he’s living/working on. We were sent home with a load of amazing produce.

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365 : 143

365 : 143

May 23, 2010 : first rhubarb from the garden

This rhubarb is the first thing I’ve harvested from our garden at home. I tried out this recipe for Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble and it is incredible. The topping includes oats, toasted pine nuts and a bit of black pepper! I didn’t have any Port, so I omitted that. I also substituted the special flours and sugars for the ones I had on hand. This is going straight into my permanent recipe box. Strawberry & rhubarb is probably one of the best flavour pairings, ever!


Saipua in Red Hook

Brooklyn is such a vast place and perfect for exploring.

On the first day of our trip we went out to Williamsburg. Mostly we walked around in awe at all the development that is going on. There are so many well-designed, beautiful condo buildings being built. I really couldn’t believe how much it’s changed since the last time I was there.

On Sunday, I convinced Andrew to head out to Red Hook to visit the flower shop, Saipua. Red Hook is an area that is still fairly untouched. Yes, there is an Ikea there, but it is not the easiest place to get to by transit. We took the subway into Brooklyn, but ended up taking a cab the rest of the way. The cab dropped us off on Van Dyke street which is very industrial, but also close to the water. One of the first things we saw was a sign for ‘key lime pie’. I couldn’t believe we happened upon a place that specialized in one of my favourite pies out in the far reaches of Red Hook. Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies are delicious, by the way. We got a couple mini tarts and ate them with some limeade out by the water.

Our next stop was Saipua. It’s tiny. Even smaller than I imagined, even smaller than Purl Soho. But, it’s beautiful and I bought myself some of their handmade soap. They have a darling shop dog too which made me miss Maisy.

Just around the corner on Van Brunt is another little pocket of small shops and restaurants. I was delighted to find the both Erie Basin and Baked were among them.

From here we actually walked all the way to Cobble Hill to check out Smith Street. Smith Street is a great place to visit in Brooklyn which is quite full of lovely shops and restaurants. We were getting quite tired and the shops were about to close, but we managed to make it to Smith & Butler which was another awesome surprise discovery.

Yeah Brooklyn! Can’t wait to get back to explore more.

Little Key Lime Pie

Erie Basin

Red Hook

Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies
204 Van Dyke Street
Key lime pies in all sizes. A delicious way to start your Red Hook adventure – eating key lime pie by the waterfront.

147 Van Dyke Street
I’ve admired Saipua from afar, so was excited to see this tiny shop in person. I would love to go to their ‘flower school’.

Erie Basin
388 Van Brunt Street
Beautifully selected vintage items.

359 Van Brunt Street
I didn’t realize this famous bakery was in Red Hook. I was full of key lime pie, so didn’t try their baked goods. Next time!

Cobble Hill

Dear Fieldbinder,
198 Smith Street

Smith + Butler
225 Smith Street
This shop was awesome. It had a little bit of all this things I like.

La Casita
253 Smith Street
Cute little yarn shop & cafe.

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Saturday morning of our trip to New York, we headed over to Freeman’s Restaurant. The restaurant is located at the end of an alley and it’s one of the most charming places I’ve been to in a long time. There were all kinds of wonderful taxidermy hanging from the wall, including a flying goose and even a bee’s nest. I noticed they had cinnamon lemonade on the menu and had to order it. It was so delicious and unexpected. In fact, right now our house smells like cinnamon because I’m making some cinnamon simple syrup to recreate this delicious drink. I’ll be buying lots of lemons this summer. Our brunch was great, so great in fact that we decided to head back their the next day for brunch with my former boss, Margaret. We got to try even more things off their menu and I enjoyed a few more glasses of cinnamon lemonade.

Our downtown travels also took us to Babycakes who make wheat, gluten, dairy, egg and soy-free baked goods. A cupcake never felt so healthy and it tasted great.

I also love to stop by The Market on Mulberry on the weekend. I always discover something new there. This time it was Fine & Raw chocolate. I loved their packaging and picked up a stack of chocolate bars for gifts.

We stopped by Purl Soho to visit their tiny Sullivan Street location for the last time. They are moving to big and fancy digs on Broome Street in April. I’m excited to see what it will be like.

Baby Cakes

Purl Soho


5 Crosby Street
They don’t allow photos in the shop, but this is some of the finest furniture craftsmanship that I’ve ever seen. It’s an old favourite and I always feel so inspired from being in their space.

25 Howard Street
Men’s and women’s clothing shop from Sweden. I hadn’t been in this shop before and I loved their aesthetic.

Opening Ceremony
35 Howard Street
I’ve known them since they first opened and it’s amazing to see how the shop has grown. Filled to the brim with all kinds of design.

Lower East Side

End of Freemans Alley, Rivington between The Bowery and Chrystie
Next time I want to go for dinner. If I lived in New York, I fear I would never want to eat anywhere else.

Freemans Sporting Club
8 Rivington, East Store Front
An extension of Freeman’s Restaurant, all their clothing is made in Brooklyn. There is a barber shop in the back when guys get a traditional shave!

Save Khaki
254 Broome Street
Great casual men’s clothing.

Baby Cakes
248 Broome Street
Delicious vegan bakery. Truly.

83 Orchard Street
A shop for the ladies. I bought the most incredible lip balms here.

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View from our room

Okay, here we go! The first installment of our trip to New York last weekend. I decided to organize my NYC photos by location. This way if you’re wanting to check out any of these places, you’ll know what area they are in. We flew Porter airlines, which is just a lovely way to get to New York. I even enjoy the train ride through New Jersey to get to the city.

We stayed at The Standard hotel in the Meatpacking District. We chose it primarily for the location. It’s incredibly convenient to where we like to shop and eat and very close to the subways. The hotel room was great, small but really the perfect size with a seating area, as well. The floor to ceiling windows with views of the Empire State building were definitely very exciting. The downside was that the hotel is now the centre of major tourist and social activity. It was a zoo in the area on the weekend and we had some ‘loud party people’ as neighbours. Also, we ran out of hot water in the shower a couple times and had to ask to switch rooms. They handled this situation poorly and while there were other great things about the hotel, we won’t be staying there again. C’mon people, hot water is not optional!

The hotel stands right above The Highline, that has re-purposed the old elevated train tracks into the most incredible outdoor space. All weekend long, I looked down onto The Highline from our room. It wasn’t until the last day that we ventured up there on foot and it was pouring rain. Even still, we were amazed by how beautiful every detail is appointed. When it is completed, The Highline will extend twenty blocks. I recommend it as a must-see if you visit New York, it is so inspiring. Unfortunately, my camera battery died the last morning and I didn’t get a single photo! Oh well, next time I’ll be sure to document it.

We did a lot of eating in the area. So much great food to be had. Particular highlights were the Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck. Artisan ice cream in a truck that travels around the city? Brilliant AND delicious. An old classic is Tortilla Flats, that offers Margaritas with 10 different varieties of Tequila, great Tex-Mex food and a super fun atmosphere. We also made sure to check out The Spotted Pig for lunch on our last day and I’ve already tried to re-create the lunch I had, it was so good. I want to go back again, as there were other things on the menu I really wanted to try.

I created a little slideshow for you, if you want to see all the photos from this area.

Oh yeah, the weather was 24 degrees Celsius over the weekend. It was like summer and we were worried about getting sun burned! We definitely felt like the universe conspired to give us some extraordinary weather for our well deserved getaway.

Frisée aux lardons


Tortilla Flats

Meatpacking District

The Highline
Starts at Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District to 34th Street, between 10th & 11th Avenues.

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream
Trucks travel around the city, check their >twitter for daily locations.

The Earnest Sewn
821 Washington Street

9 Ninth Avenue

388 Bleecker Street

369 West 16th Street (in the Maritime Hotel)

Tortilla Flats
767 Washington Street

The Spotted Pig
314 West 11th Street

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365 : 78

365 : 78

March 19, 2010 of 365 : mosaic tile floor + green repettos at pastis, nyc

Our first stop after landing in New York was a quick bite to eat at Pastis in the Meatpacking District. I heart French Bistro.

365 : 77

365 : 77

March 18, 2010 of 365 : my favourite fruit this time of the year, blood orange