New Shoes, originally uploaded by the workroom.

Ayalah asked me the other day where I shop for shoes in Toronto. I had to pause and think for a minute because I do my serious shoe shopping when I go to New York. My answer in the end was Value Village. It’s definitely not something you can count on, but if you are persistent, the twentieth time you check the shoe section you’ll find a gem pair in your size. After I snapped up these vintage tan lovelies at Village des Valeurs on Monday, I ran smack into this ‘just arrived today’ pair of grey/neon runners at Stolen Riches on Queen. I did not even hesitate. When you average the cost of both pairs together, it just makes practical sense. Do you have these clever rationalizations too?

p.s. My fav NYC shoe stores
1. Coclico – 275 Mott Street
2. Sigerson Morrison – 28 Prince Street
3. Tootsi Plouhound – 273 Lafayette Street