Let’s talk about Bernina. Swiss precision. Beautiful. Dreamy to sew with.


  1. Hey there! I am so happy you have a Bernina. They are just the best sewing machines. I have had 3. I currently sew with an Artista 165 and a big Bernina 820 which is a dream to use.

  2. I have my beloved 25-year old Bernina 1015, which doesn’t have a huge fancy range of stitches, but does the ones it has immaculately. I’ve never had a day’s problem with it. Go Bernina!

  3. How much do The Aurora costs? Just curious, I love Bernina, I tried my friends machine and haven’t been able to stop dreaming of it. Is this considered cheating, lol?
    No, seriously thinking its time to trade-in….shhh.

  4. I’m so lucky, I already bought Bernina 820 but my husband my upgraded it to 830. It was a dream came true thing to me. My previous machine was also Bernina (20years old) and I always thought that it was new, It never let me down. But it found a new home, my daughter has it now. Lucky her.

  5. I have a 150 Quilter’s Edition, which was a gift to me about twelve years ago–I had about ten great years, during which time I got a little too confident and somehow managed to lose the manual (oh, do not do that, people! Hang on to your manual!) and then–GASP–a breakdown. Yes! A breakdown so dramatic and unheard of that it confounded the repair shop expert for a full eighteen months. I know! Three separate trips to the Bernina Repair Hospital finally fixed that problem, and now my bobbin winder doesn’t work. But, after all that, I still love it. It’s a Bernina!

  6. Hi Karyn, I love your site! It inspired me to start sewing. Would you please advise what would be a good machine for beginners? The Aurora 430 looks amazing! but I don’t have the budget for that at the moment. Maybe I can start saving and upgrade to that when I’m more pro at it. =) Thanks, Glenda

  7. Hi Karyn, I’ve got a Bernina Aurora 440 Quilters Edition and I love it. My favourite feature is that I am able to free my hand by using the knee lever to lift the presser foot. I primarily sew clothes so haven’t used the BSR yet. Maybe a new quilt is in order. Have a question – have you used topstitching thread on your machine – was told by my sewing lady who sold me my machine, that it would damage it if I used that heavy thread – do you have any thoughts or experience with this type of thread? Many thanks Evelyne

  8. My mom has a singer. I keep trying to persuade her to buy a bernina but I do get to use my nanas one every once in a while!

  9. My Bernina (Betsy) and I have been friends for nearly 16 years. She is a 1080 and I love, love, love her. I went out on a limb to buy such an expensive machine for me at the time, but have never had a moment’s regret. What a gem she turned out to be. I enjoyed reading your blog this morning!

  10. I am a proud momma of a Berninia Artista 635 for a year now and just found your blog, thank goodness. I’ve added you to my favorites.
    Thank You,

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