Aurora 430

At the workroom we sew on Bernina sewing machines and sergers. People ask me all the time what I sew on at home and now I can finally say ‘a Bernina Aurora 430‘!

I’ve been sewing for the past eight years on a machine called, ‘The Craftmaster’ which has now been passed on to my mom. I rationalized for a long time that I had 7 Berninas already (at the shop), so no need to have one at home. The truth is that I very rarely get to do any actual sewing at the shop. I’ve been wistfully dreaming of a Bernina of my own since I first tried one.

There’s a definite reason that I chose Bernina for the workroom. I believe it’s the best. I spend a lot of time talking to you about the things that I make and now I’d like to mix in talking about how I make them with Bernina. I’ll be talking now and then about special features, feet, accessories about all of the machines. (sewing machines & sergers!) Getting to know your sewing machine and what it can do for you will make you a better seamstress. If you have a Bernina, I bet you love it. I know that I am absolutely in love with mine already. I’m hoping to create a resource for Bernina owners to learn even more about their machines and love them even more!

The Aurora has been my ultimate machine for a while now and I think I’ve earned it. I plan on putting it through its paces and telling you all about it.

(OMG. Seriously. Sewing has never been this fun! This machine is heaven.)

Aurora 430

Aurora 430

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  • We have the same machine! I love mine so much and I am sewing almost everyday because I can’t get enough.

  • OMG you must be so excited – and you’ve more than earned it!
    I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to Bernina – I loooooove mine!
    Can’t wait to hear your tips and tricks.

  • Lucky you, it looks like an awesome machine. In the last 6mths I’ve gone from an early 80s Singer (my Mum’s hand-me-down) to a second-hand Janome MyExcel (only a few years old but a bargain from a good friend). The Janome is a breeze compared to the Singer but I would love to try out a Bernina to see what all the hype is about. Maybe one day…

  • As you know :) I love my Bernina and if it ever needs replacing, I will definitely get another one! But, in 30 years it has only been repaired twice (once because I wore out the foot pedal, and once because the repair guy put the wrong grease in it and it seized up). I do have a little Janome Sew Mini that travels with me, but that’s a whole different story….

  • you’ve taking such loving photos of this machine…it almost looks sexy!

  • I have the exact same machine! I love her so much! Mine is called “dollface” don’t know why but that is what I call her! She is a wonderful and I have loved every minute of owning her. One interesting thing though, the bobbin area is always full of random thread pieces…I have never figured out why! I just clean it out and keep going. Enjoy!

  • Hello, good choise,

    You’re right – this machine is heaven. I can’t even stop to sew..

    Can’t imagine and remember how I managed sewing before. I’m from germany – there the machine is called aurora 430 QE – Quilt Editon – it comes with an BSR – Bernina Stichregulator (amazing perfect results freehand quilting) and an upper transport feet. This upper transport feet (don’t know how it’s really called in english)is worth it’s money.

    Wish you a lot of fun with your machine

  • I do have a Bernina and I do love it! I have a simple Activa 220 that I bought 10 years ago (I think it’s been that long) and it has been so faithful and never had a problem. It’s a simple machine, but really what more do I need it to do but sew a straight stitch. :) My mom has the 430 and I do love that machine. If I ever need a stitch regulated stitch on the domestic machine, I head for hers. They are great machines!

  • Congrats Karyn. You most certainly earned it.

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