This past Saturday was the big City of Craft show. This was the second year for this wonderfully ambitious, independent show. I was lucky to be able to take part in a small way by doing a one hour free workshop on making a set of fabric-covered magnets. I had planned to arrive early so that I could browse around and chat with everyone and buy myself a couple treats. Of course, Saturday arrived and I wasn’t completely prepared and ended up showing up at the venue as a crowd of people eagerly awaited my workshop to begin. From my second floor vantage point I could see how lively the show was down below. Above you’ll see Becky & I racing to photograph one another. The entire day felt like a race to me. My one hour workshop went by in what felt like fifteen minutes!

When my hour was up, I allowed myself five minutes to rush around the main floor to see everyone’s displays. It certainly wasn’t enough time to fully appreciate all the lovely things, nor to properly shop. If you saw me at the show and I rushed by you like a crazy woman, I’m sorry! I had to hop back in a cab and hurry back to the workroom for a class I was teaching there.

Congratulations City of Craft! You gals did an incredible job and deserve lots of good rest!

The holiday rush of classes is just about done, so I’ve finally been able to start up on my own last minute holiday gift production. Nine days to go! Am I the only one that is WAY behind?

Heading back to the workroom