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Saturday is our Friday. TGIS

I like to give myself little photo ‘assignments’. It’s one reason that I love the idea of project 365. It allows me to see the subtle and lovely repetition in life. We do the same things, go to the same places and see the same sights all the time. If you follow my instagram feed (@make_something) you’ll notice that I have several ‘series’ that I’m shooting. This is one of them. These photos are all taken on our driveway. There is one spot where a puddle always forms when it rains. It’s the same puddle on different days.

No rain today, please.

Minnetonkas take two.

Mid October

Thirsty lady

Rainy September

Wearing black for the yarn dyeing classes today

Rainy Saturday. Correctly spelled this time.

Forecast says three days of rain. Sounds good to me.

It's clear skies after this morning's rain

MAY : 365

May 2012 : 365

In May, we came to Madison for Maisy.

MARCH : 365

March 2012 : 365

I’m catching up on posting my 365 calendars this morning. I use the 365 app on my iphone (pro version) and it makes it so easy to organize your project. I have a daily alarm set that reminds me to add a photo to the set at the end of each day. This has totally helped to keep me on track.

In March, we started renovating our new house and I started working on my Swoon quilt! March seems so far away right now.


iphone 365 : January

This will be my third year doing Project 365. Everyday, I make sure that I take at least one photo. A big part of the challenge last year was keeping up with organizing and posting my photos. I still have a few months of photos to post for 2011!

This year, I’m working on two 365 projects. One with my DSLR camera and one with my iphone. The iphone 365 is so easy to do, especially because there is an app for it! Project 365 makes it super easy to organize your 365 photos as you go along. At the end of the month you can download the collage of all your photos. I love it.

If you’re on Instagram (I am make_something on Instagram), you may have noticed people posting photos all month with the hashtag #janphotoaday. Chantelle created a fun challenge that gives you a theme to use everyday. Happily she will be doing a new challenge each month. Here is February’s challenge. Having the daily theme keeps things really interesting and I love seeing everyone’s version of the same idea.

p.s. I just added ANOTHER photo challenge to my roster. This one is #febphotoskill. Check out the daily details here. You would think I had nothing to do all day, but these little challenges make me feel creative in the midst of my busy work days!