Saturday is our Friday. TGIS

I like to give myself little photo ‘assignments’. It’s one reason that I love the idea of project 365. It allows me to see the subtle and lovely repetition in life. We do the same things, go to the same places and see the same sights all the time. If you follow my instagram feed (@make_something) you’ll notice that I have several ‘series’ that I’m shooting. This is one of them. These photos are all taken on our driveway. There is one spot where a puddle always forms when it rains. It’s the same puddle on different days.

No rain today, please.

Minnetonkas take two.

Mid October

Thirsty lady

Rainy September

Wearing black for the yarn dyeing classes today

Rainy Saturday. Correctly spelled this time.

Forecast says three days of rain. Sounds good to me.

It's clear skies after this morning's rain


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