Did you have a good weekend? We had take-out Chinese food friday night for dinner and my fortune cookie told me that, “Now is a good time to explore”. Sooo…. I let myself overindulge in some serious blog surfing over the last couple days. I’ve also finally gotten myself on Google Reader to organize all my blog reading. What a delight! Now I can read even more blogs every day, make notes, add tags and file away the things I want to remember. I feel like an efficient secretary with a well labeled filing cabinet.

I discovered some amazing new blogs that are already quick favourites – Ill Seen, Ill Said and Lobster & Swan top that list. You must visit, they will make your Monday. (or any day)

I also updated my blogroll, so now is good time for YOU to explore too!

My Saturday night was spent peering out my bedroom window watching over a dozen police and SWAT team point their firearms at my neighbours’ houses while they tracked down a robbery suspect who was hiding in one of the backyards across the street!