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Cedar Necklace & Jewelry Box

Can you believe how perfect this gift is? This cedar bead necklace came in a cedar jewellery box, both designed and handmade by Andrew. The necklace is so beautiful. I just love the lightweight feel of these faceted cedar beads. The box matches the other jewellery box Andrew made for me a couple years ago. The wood is reclaimed and has so much character, you can just stare at it and see a new detail every time. It’s pretty amazing to watch Andrew explore wood as a medium. Especially since he almost exclusively uses reclaimed or scrap wood.

Like I said perfect gift.

Cedar Necklace & Jewelry Box

Cedar Necklace & Jewelry Box

Cedar Necklace & Jewelry Box

Cedar Necklace & Jewelry Box

Cedar Necklace & Jewelry Box


Favourite Things

Two new prints by Leah Duncan that I bought at White Elephant in Hamilton. I am so in love with the colours of these prints and everything that Leah Duncan does.

Favourite Things

Trying to decide what to put in this cool tin that I got at the 400 Market.

Favourite Things

I haven’t worn fragrance in years, but when Bre mentioned Black Coconut perfume a little while ago,  I really couldn’t resist. I LOVE coconut and this is absolutely yummy. Long Winter Farm also sent me a chocolate mint lip balm and it’s so great. I’m totally looking forward to exploring some of their other scents.

Favourite Things

My mom recently got back from a trip to Scotland. She brought me Clotted Cream Fudge and it’s pretty delicious.

Favourite Things

I bought this awesome necklace at the Spring Trunk Show. It was a collaboration between Rachelle Wilson and Emily Cumming.

Favourite Things

Fabric is always one of my favourite things. I’ve been organizing my fat quarter stash into bins. Spending time looking through my stash always gives me so many ideas for new projects.


Friday morning hike in the mountains

Words and even the 100+ photos that I uploaded cannot express this past weekend at The Makerie in Boulder, Colorado. It was beyond wonderful. When I registered to go with Katherine a couple months ago, I thought it would be fun to take some cool classes in another city. I had no idea how emotionally charged, inspiring, relaxing, energizing, exhausting and full of wonder the weekend would be. OMG.

Katherine & I flew into Denver airport on Thursday morning, rented a car for the weekend and drove to check out South Broadway in Denver. Our first stop was Fancy Tiger, a seriously adorable fabric & craft shop. We couldn’t resist buying some fabric and chit chatting with the gals in the shop. Lucky for us, Fancy Tiger was participating in The Makerie and we got to hang out and get to know them over the weekend.

The entire weekend took place at Chautauqua Park in Boulder. It is located right at the base of the mountains! We literally could just roll out of bed and onto the hiking trails from the adorable cottage we stayed in. Boulder is a beautiful place and Chautauqua Park was the perfect setting for the retreat.

We had our choice of two classes for the retreat and it was pretty clear to us which ones we would take – shoe making & block printing! Yes, that’s right – shoes!! We spent Friday learning to make ballet flats that we adorned with handmade flowers and bows with Jessica Hernandez of Joyfolie. Throughout the day we learned about Jessica’s journey to creating and growing her company that started out making shoes for babies. Jessica was so generous with her skills, creativity and ‘trade secrets’ and the shoes that the class made were pretty incredible. I am pretty excited to be able to make myself some pretty party shoes out of any fabric I choose in the future.

On Saturday we took Block Printing with Lizzy House. That would be Lizzy House, the designer of Castle Peeps and the upcoming 1001 Peeps fabric collections. I was especially excited to take this class from someone that I already admired so much. We sat down to have breakfast with Lizzy on the first day and became fast friends over coffee cake, yogurt and granola. You gotta a love a girl who has a thousand great ideas, opinions and knows her astrology.

My strategy for this class was to design something really simple and geometric since my drawing skills are not my strong point. I started by drawing stars all over my blank sheet of paper. I looked over at one point and noticed a recycling bin in the corner so I drew an arrow on my page. Lizzy passed by and casually commented, ‘I like that’. That tiny bit of encouragement burst into inspiration and I started to build a little bundle of arrows. Lizzy showed me how to take my design and create a repeat from it. MAGIC!! I have always been fascinated with pattern and couldn’t believe I was finally trying it out.

After our designs were finalized, we started carving out our linoleum blocks. We took a break for lunch and regrouped to start printing out our designs on fabric. Everyone’s designs were really impressive. Some people brought tea towels and tshirts to print on. Jaime printed her blocks onto printed fabrics and the effect was really great. I chose to do white ink on Kona Charcoal Solid fabric and I love how it turned out. I’m so so proud of my arrow print. My goal is to make a dress or skirt from my printed fabric, so watch out for it!

A real highlight for me was my Makerie partner in crime, Katherine. We spent every second of the four day weekend together in perfect unison. A parking ticket (still gotta pay that!), nearly lost favourite bracelet and flight delay home hardly fazed us. We are solidly firmed up as retreat partners and friends for life.

I really can’t say enough wonderful things about my experience at The Makerie. I think everyone who was there felt just as grateful and inspired by the experience that Ali created for us. Taking time away from our everyday lives, letting go, opening up and making new connections with people face to face was a real gift. The date has already been set for next year’s event and I urge you to mark your calendar.

I just realized that ‘making shoes’ and ‘printing fabric’ are both on my ‘Crafty List of Things to Do‘!!! Double Check!

You can see all my photos here or view the slideshow below. I’m still reflecting on this weekend in Boulder and it has sparked some very exciting plans that I’ll be sharing with you very soon.

Here’s what other people are saying about The Makerie weekend!
Katherine, Jessica, Jenny, and Anne

Also! If you wanted to try your hand at Jessica’s baby shoes, there is a pattern you can buy from her website right here.

Friday morning hike in the mountains

French Market class : Making Shoes

French Market : Making Shoes

Block Printing with Lizzy House

Block Printing with Lizzy House

Waiting in line for the Firefly Handmade Market

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Thank goodness for twitter! Without it, I never would have found out about Merci, a very new & amazing concept boutique that was just down the street from our apartment in Paris. Thanks Martina for the fantastic tip.

This was definitely one of my favourite shops of the whole trip. It is set in a beautiful three floor space that was previously a factory. Merci is a flower shop, used book store and cafe. They also sell home furnishings, clothing (men’s, women’s and children’s), fabric and perfume. If I lived in Paris, I would shop here all the time. (or I would try to move in) I loved everything they had. The shop is owned by the couple who started Bonpoint which happens to be my favourite children’s clothing shop. (mostly because I wish I could wear the lovely clothing it sells) Merci is also a not-for-profit operation, all the proceeds go towards children’s charities. Yes, this shop is incredible in every way.

My photos are not that great, I was too busy oohing and ahhing over everything. I just found this set on flickr that really shows you how drool-worthy the shop is. Her blog is also a treasure for things about Paris. Yes, I am making notes for my next trip back.

One of the things I saw at a few places in Paris were these Bac Sacs for plants. Essentially they are fabric buckets made with 100% recyclable materials. They have handles on them, so you can hang them on your balcony or wall. I think it’s such a fantastic idea and I’m going to try to make some myself.

If you go to Paris (or if you live in Paris, Elise!) you MUST go to Merci. You will see lots of pretty things (and buy some of them) and thank me.

MERCI – 111 boulevard Beaumarchais, 3rd Arrondissement, Paris


Did you have a great weekend? I did. I love coming home after a trip, settling back in and feeling freshly inspired. This week should be action packed here at make something. I’m continuing my Paris posts, introducing you to some awesome designers (for the upcoming Garden Party Trunk Show) and announcing a fun giveaway (later today)!

I’ve been collecting snapshots of Space Invader‘s mosaic pixel installations for many years now. (from New York and my first trip to Paris many years ago) He’s one of my favourite street artists and I knew I’d be able to add more to my collection while in Paris, since that is where he’s from. I was pretty thrilled that I spotted eleven ‘invasions’ during our trip but I just found out that in Paris alone, there are over 763 invasions. Whoa. That means, I only collected 1.45% of them. That’s not a very high score. I hope to do better on my next trip.

Awesome video of an Invader installation here and an interview here. I have a really big weakness for mysterious street artists.


We just got back from Paris and amidst doing tons of laundry and trying to get back on track I wanted to post quickly about my favourite dog in the world. Monday was Maisy’s fourth birthday!

I thought I’d share some puppy photos. The top photo is the first photo I ever saw of her, in the background you can see her brothers and her mother’s tail.

I asked Maisy a few questions and here’s what she had to say…

What’s your background?

Maisy : I was born up near Ottawa in a pound near Almonte. My mom was part Collie and part Walker Hound. I never met my dad, so part of me is a mystery. It’s fun to hear what people think I am though. I was the only girl with about four brothers. I wish I knew where they went. I’d love to see them again.

What are some of your favourite things?

Maisy : I really like sandwiches, resting my head on the front window ledge of the shop, raspberries, all my friends at the workroom, running in the park, stuffed animals (especially my new beaver!), sleeping on the couch, lying in the sun, going to Home Hardware, finding something good to eat in the garbage and having a bone in the backyard.

What don’t you like?

Maisy : I really don’t like dogs that wear clothes, strangers who lurk in the doorway, baths, medicine of any kind and all the cats in our neighborhood.

Do you have any favourite tricks that you do?

Maisy : The usual. I’ll shake a paw (left & right), sit and lie down, especially if there are treats involved. I can also high five you with my nose and I know how to close the door when I come in from the backyard. I’m trying to learn to cut fabric, but it’s not that easy!

Now that you’re four years old, what’s next?

Maisy : Things are pretty great. I work customer service and security full time at the workroom, but I’m hoping to cut back on my hours for the summer and spend more time running around the park.


I had been searching hi and lo for a copy of the elusive Australian Frankie magazine for a while and FINALLY found a copy a couple weeks ago. I was excited, but little did I know just how perfect this magazine is for me.

These are a mere 5 reasons that I love Frankie – issue 28:

1. Even just a small blurb about Audrey Kawasaki gets me excited.
2. Seeing a fun article and photo of my friend, Ben Kweller, who is a seriously crazy talented musician and all-around amazing guy.
3. I LOVE owls too!
4. Flowy, gathery smock tops.
5. There is a Sarah McNeil (maker of two bunny works that I now own) article and pull-out poster.

This is not to mention the perfect cover with sweet pintuck blouse, the article on Audrey Hepburn’s movies (Must see – Paris When It Sizzles), or the recipe for Chorizo Potato Salad (I really like potato salad).

I’m excited for issue #29. And the long weekend. the workroom will be closed on Sunday for the holiday, so I will have two days off in a row. All day gardening is on the agenda!


Did you have a good weekend? We had take-out Chinese food friday night for dinner and my fortune cookie told me that, “Now is a good time to explore”. Sooo…. I let myself overindulge in some serious blog surfing over the last couple days. I’ve also finally gotten myself on Google Reader to organize all my blog reading. What a delight! Now I can read even more blogs every day, make notes, add tags and file away the things I want to remember. I feel like an efficient secretary with a well labeled filing cabinet.

I discovered some amazing new blogs that are already quick favourites – Ill Seen, Ill Said and Lobster & Swan top that list. You must visit, they will make your Monday. (or any day)

I also updated my blogroll, so now is good time for YOU to explore too!

My Saturday night was spent peering out my bedroom window watching over a dozen police and SWAT team point their firearms at my neighbours’ houses while they tracked down a robbery suspect who was hiding in one of the backyards across the street!


A lot of my internet surfing and blog reading has to do with coveting. Coveting and inspiration. I came across this photo by Something’s Hiding in Here. Since I already covet everything that Something’s Hiding in Here makes, I knew these magazines must be amazing. Coincidentally, I had just discovered Leslie’s blog the day before and Leslie is a source for all good things Japanese. I quickly emailed her and she promptly ordered me four issues and shipped them out to me last week before she left for a holiday to Hawaii. (lucky duck) They arrived within days. The postal system still amazes me.

My lovely brown box arrived packaged so sweetly with a few extra treats. It included a piece of Junko Onishi’s Bloom fabric & a piece of Lotta Jansdotter fabric, both of which I have been coveting for a long long time. This was way more than a ‘little’ goodness, Leslie!!

The magazines are delicious and I’m looking forward to really pouring through them over the weekend. Look at all the boxes and cupboards and just plain gorgeousness of every simple detail. Tiny little swing on a miniature plant?! Sigh. I love it all.

Have a lovely lovely weekend!


I bought my Chie Mahara shoes from Anthropologie last year and since then, I’ve been receiving their catalog each month. Each issue is a keeper filled with tons of great ideas and things to covet. My favourite top right now is the one above with the cascading ruffle down the side. I can’t decide if I want them to come to Canada, it might be too dangerous for me.

{NOTE: after talking to Amy, I did some research and they’re definitely coming next year to Yorkville. On a positive note, I will no longer fear the exorbitant shipping costs. On a negative note, I will likely spend ten times as much money there because I no longer fear the exorbitant shipping costs.}

p.s. I should also mention that west elm just opened on King Street West at 109 Atlantic Avenue. It’s a huge store and I love the location. I’m putting their grey organic cotton sheets on my christmas list.