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I waited all summer for my hibiscus plant to bloom and finally it did! Next year I’m going to make sure I plant more flowers. I should start this fall by planting some bulbs, which I say I’m going to do every year but never do.

Today is the official start of fall. My mind seems to be preoccupied these days with thoughts of making fall-appropriate clothing and getting mentally prepared for holiday gift making. Is it too soon?

  • i must be thinking about fall. i’m sewing black clothing and wanting black shoes. like these.
  • you can never have enough terrariums. it might be time for me to make another!
  • i’ve been thinking a lot about making a skirt with a zipper down the front… this one has two!
  • i want to make mini pies shaped like apples!
  • clever becky is sharing her security envelope project with the world in fabric form
  • coolest pockets i’ve seen – navy blue draped pocket dress (with pink cardigan!)
  • lovely design has reprinted her beautiful conifers & beautiful leaves posters! i can complete my set now.
  • how a sewing machine works. very enlightening animation.
  • i miss fashion week. Karen Walker‘s S/S 2010 collection is full of fun prints.
  • loving the cape, but those shoes!!! WOW.
  • skirt inspiration in blue





I am a big fan of urban art, stenciling and graffiti. I especially love to spot clever pieces, like this one, which is currently in the east side of the underpass on Brock just north of Queen West. The bling-y gold spray paint is the perfect touch for the couple it references.

I was looking up the history on the word, fiancé, and just learned that the phrase ‘Beyoncé is my fiancé’ is technically incorrect. When referring to a woman who is engaged the proper term is ‘fiancée’, the former refers to a man who is engaged. I did not know that.

Will you be in New York on September 6th? You may want to join in on this performance art piece that will re-create the parade scene from Ferris Beuller’s Day Off. Um, how cool is that?

What is it about things that are tiny? Slinkachu works on a small scale, really small. He creates little scenes using tiny people set in our large scale urban setting. The project is appropriately called ‘Little People’. His newer, sister project is called, ‘Inner City Snail’. It documents snails that he as altered slightly (but not harmed) and released into the world. I would love to stumble upon one of these works of art on my way to work.