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Hand Pieced HST Mini Quilt

The end of the year is always about cramming in as much sewing time as possible for me. Unfortunately, I ‘holiday sew’ the same way that I ‘holiday shop’. Make one or two for me, make one for you. I find that this keeps me motivated and excited about the projects I’m working on. Even though I’m way behind on my sewing this year (not unusual), I’ve been working hard on finishing up quilting projects that got started this year (& before). Right now I’m on the binding stage of my Sampler 2 quilt, a plaid quilt and I’ll start quilting my Field Study quilt this weekend. Plus! My Cog & Wheel is with Lindsay for long arm quilting. I have a little dream of ending the year with a pretty clean quilting slate so that I can start up the Farmer’s Wife Sampler in January.

This little mini quilt wasn’t on my list to complete, but I found it the other day and decided to add it to the list. This mini quilt is completely hand pieced. All those little half square triangles (HSTs) are 1″ finished and the entire mini quilt is 12″ square. It’s tiny!

The reason that I hadn’t finished it off when I made it was that I had no idea how to quilt it. I thought it would be impossible to hand quilt through all those tiny seams and I worried that machine quilting would take away from the handwork. I decided to try machine stitching in the ditch. After one line, I stopped and ripped out the stitches. Finally I realized that I could tie it! I have never tied a quilt before, but it was really the perfect solution. You can’t tell at all from the front and from the back the ties look pretty cute. The only machine stitching on this quilt was when I stitched my binding onto the front of the quilt.

This mini is definitely on my list of favourite things that I’ve ever made. Anything that I’ve hand stitched seems to be on that list. (This, this & this!) Hand work just has something about it.


  • I made this lasagna soup recipe last week, found on Pinterest. it’s pretty awesome and I highly recommend it
  • City of Craft is THIS WEEKEND. This is by far my favourite holiday shopping event of the year. Any gifts that I’m not making will be purchased at the show. Maybe I’ll see you there!
  • We have Lizzy House holiday cards at the workroom. One of the cards has a Yeti on it. I am in love with it.
  • I’m in a new book called Zakka Style by Rashida Coleman Hale – with 23 other awesome designers that is coming out very soon. You can win a copy of the book over at the Stash Books blog right now. I REALLY want my copy so I can start making those cute projects.
  • BlogTO is doing their annual poll for the ‘Best of Toronto’. Voting ends tonight for your favourite local French baguette, Chinese restaurant, Calzone, Hot Pot and FABRIC STORE.
  • The first part of our January class calendar just got posted. You guys get first dibs. Everyone else will know tomorrow. Can’t wait for this new class.

Hand Pieced HST Mini Quilt

Hand Pieced HST Mini Quilt

Hand Pieced HST Mini Quilt

Hand Pieced HST Mini Quilt

Hand Pieced HST Mini Quilt

Hand Pieced HST Mini Quilt


Misc. Nine

These are the vintage tins I picked up a couple weeks ago at St. Lawrence. The graphics and colour palette on the cigarette tin are so awesome. I have not idea what I’ll put in this tin, as it is very slim. I couldn’t resist picking up the orange nesting tins from Japan because they are so fetching and in perfect condition. I don’t think they were ever even used!

Here are a some links to distract you on a Monday.

Misc. Nine

Misc. Nine


Misc. 8

It’s been ages since I’ve posted up some fun links for you. In fact, I had so many that I’ve split them into two posts, one for today and one for Monday. Perfect way to end and start the week.

These are a few more images from my experiments with heart bokeh. They are very moody. I can’t wait to get my hands on the proper lens to do this right.

Misc. 8

Misc. 8

Misc. Eight


cookies by nikole

For the shop’s anniversary, the lovely ladies who work here gifted me with some incredible cookies that spelled out the sweetest message. If that wasn’t enough, I found out that the cookies were made by the deliciously talented Nikole. Too much!

It’s Friday, which seems like the perfect day to post a slew of my favourite links from the last month. What better way to ease through the work day and daydream over the weekend?

  • ok, joy the baker. i will try your easy no roll pie crust, but if i learn to bake pies, i might never eat anything else.
  • so excited about denyse schmidt’s new quilt patterns – there’s a little sneak peek on her site
  • i like this! mud is the medium.

Have a super weekend. I’m working on a new section for the blog that I think you’re going to like. Check back on Monday!

cookies by nikole

cookies by nikole



I waited all summer for my hibiscus plant to bloom and finally it did! Next year I’m going to make sure I plant more flowers. I should start this fall by planting some bulbs, which I say I’m going to do every year but never do.

Today is the official start of fall. My mind seems to be preoccupied these days with thoughts of making fall-appropriate clothing and getting mentally prepared for holiday gift making. Is it too soon?

  • i must be thinking about fall. i’m sewing black clothing and wanting black shoes. like these.
  • you can never have enough terrariums. it might be time for me to make another!
  • i’ve been thinking a lot about making a skirt with a zipper down the front… this one has two!
  • i want to make mini pies shaped like apples!
  • clever becky is sharing her security envelope project with the world in fabric form
  • coolest pockets i’ve seen – navy blue draped pocket dress (with pink cardigan!)
  • lovely design has reprinted her beautiful conifers & beautiful leaves posters! i can complete my set now.
  • how a sewing machine works. very enlightening animation.
  • i miss fashion week. Karen Walker‘s S/S 2010 collection is full of fun prints.
  • loving the cape, but those shoes!!! WOW.
  • skirt inspiration in blue






My head hasn’t been in it for the last week. If you’ve been anywhere near the workroom you’ll have heard my sad computer tale by now. The shop’s iMac died last Tuesday. For almost a week, I thought we had lost most of our data and I thought I was going to have to pay about $1000 to have a data recovery specialist try to retrieve it. Stupidly, the last time I had backed up was six months ago. It’s amazing how much we depend on computers and how valuable that information is. (sales, inventory, contacts, purchasing, accounting, documents, photos, music, etc!)

LUCKILY, I had an extended warranty on the computer and after trying for a week to repair the iMac, the Apple store decided to replace it with a brand new computer AND they were able to save and transfer my entire hard drive over!! Whooo! I cannot tell you how lucky (and relieved) I’m feeling right now.

The moral of this story is BACK UP YOUR DATA! I’ve already bought an external hard drive and set it to back up once a day. Plus, I’m buying a flash drive to keep in my bag for the most important files.

I’ll be celebrating this weekend by binging on sewing. I’ve got a line up of projects I’m itching to work on and I can’t wait to show you what I make.

Photos from the garden always make me feel good. Happy Friday, friends!

  • can’t wait to get these! via oliver + s: Fall patterns unveiled
  • love this DIY project! via Design*Sponge: before & after featuring a found door turned into a great outdoor table:
  • preview of denyse schmidt’s upcoming fabric collection, ‘hope valley‘. i foresee buying this entire collection.
  • i hope one day i get to eat here
  • love the print work! via Design*Sponge: here’s a roundup of textile & furniture work from students in copenhagen
  • really great information here for artists about copyright
  • i love this idea. via Design*Sponge: my new favorite key ring = amy’s vintage hotel key ring (how-to included)
  • OMG, the first dress in this post is incredible and uses all kinds of natural dyes. read the description!





HELLO! I accidentally took a little blog holiday. I’ve been super busy working on several big projects. One of them is the upcoming Kids Trunk Show. Ohh, it’s going to be soo good.

The other major project is the workroom’s backyard. I just had a stone patio installed and am doing some serious gardening back there. (with the help of my dad, Alison & Jerisse) Here are a few sneak peek shots for now. Wait ’til you see our new outdoor space!

  • I’ve been thinking i need to make something like this for maisy!
  • can’t wait for this movie! Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland trailer!
  • prettiest plum-y & pleated hem skirt
  • paris. the girl. the bike. those shoes. the hat. that dress. the sartorialist.
  • oh no. heather ross won’t be designing anymore fabric for a while! how can this be?
  • i’ve just discovered boro – japanese mended and patched textiles
  • this is the coolest subscription – 25 coloured pencils a month to create a 500 coloured pencil set (via notcot)
  • bittersweet chocolate scones!
  • shipping container homes… i really like these (via notcot)


We’ve been having so much rain that mushrooms are popping up all over the place. These little cuties have appeared in the hanging baskets in my backyard.

  • definitely going here, the next time i’m in brooklyn. i love the term ‘apothecary chic’ (via Refinery 29)
  • lizzie allen’s hand screened printed wallpaper, the london collection (via Notcot)


This week’s postings were rudely interrupted by some technical difficulties with my server. Things appear to be back up and running for the moment. Fingers crossed.

Friday seems like a good day to catch you up on a few more of my Twitter links.

  • Selvedge has opened a shop. CUTE. love the girls in Liberty dresses!
  • i’m starting to love the idea of whole cloth quilts… but with a map hand quilted into it? amazing.

These photos were taken on Brock of a couple posters that were transformed by all the rain we’ve been having. Pretty.

I hope you have a super weekend, I have plans to eat Chippy’s and play some new fangled version of Frisbee in the park tonight with some dear friends and Maisy.


My favourite thing about twitter is that I can easily post a link to something I want to share with you. I’ve decided to make a weekly habit of collecting all those links into one post. The idea is to give you some easy inspiration on a Sunday/Monday morning.

It’s raspberry season in my backyard! Perhaps one of my favourite things to eat are raspberries, so heading out to the yard to pick some each day is a real treat. I’ve got both red and white raspberry bushes, so far there have only been white berries this year and they are delicious.

  • i’m so intrigued by all these soft planters i’ve been seeing
  • how much fabric? charts that show the average amount you need for sewing patterns. brilliant idea!
  • pennies as floor tiles – i wonder if it’s cheaper?