of homemade underwear!

The first session of the underwear class was last night. Oh, what fun! I have been waiting and waiting for this class. (maybe for my whole life) A few years ago, I really fancied becoming an underwear designer. I’ve never made a pair, but it was one of those things I thought I would love doing. For next weeks class I’m going to have to dig out my binder of underwear inspiration. Yes, the obsession last long enough for me to accumulate lots of ‘research’ into the field.

The class is taught by the lovely Kristiann and we had a riot talking about all the different styles, trims, elastics and problems related to underwear. (ie… camel toe!) This pair here is the Brazilian style using stretch lace. This violet stretch lace was giving to me a long time ago when I was first thinking I would be the next Princesse Tam Tam. Naturally, I had to use it to make my first creation. I also diverted from the basic pattern and added in some jersey knit panels.

Next week we’re making two more styles bikini and hipster. My mind is racing with ideas! I’m afraid you’re going to be subjected to a lot of underwear-related postings. I am a changed & empowered woman, with plans on seriously improving the state of my underwear drawer.

Brazilian Hipster Underwear

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