I don’t remember how long the Lovely Design address file has been on my wish list. Perhaps about 8 years? I remember that I first saw it in a magazine when I was living in New York. I knew that I had to have one.

Over the years, I have remembered this address file many times and tried to purchase it repeatedly, but it was always sold out and then it went out of production. Finally, a few months ago, I saw that Sharilyn was going to be making them again and I emailed her to get onto the waiting list.

It finally arrived last week, well packed in colourful paper scraps and it’s just perfect.

I have her Beautiful Leaves of Canada poster. I just need to have it framed. I also noticed that the Beautiful Conifers of Canada poster might be available soon and I’m going to snatch up one of those too.


  1. I am on the waiting list for one of these for myself; fingers crossed, I’ll have it by fall. So lovely to see more images and to see how prettily it is presented. I’m totally eyeing the conifer poster now as well!

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