365 : 227

The week before last, Andrew and I took some time off work and enjoyed a week staycation here in Toronto. We had decided that rather than travel somewhere, we would relax at home and enjoy the city. We had a great time checking out great new restaurants, many of which are walking distance from our house!

Here are some highlights from our week off:

  • Blue Plate : We went here for both a dinner and a brunch and enjoyed both the food and the atmosphere.
  • Universal Grill : An old favourite that we had forgotten about on Dupont.
  • Zocalo : Awesome new place that opened up at Bloor & Symington. Great food and service.
  • We watched ‘Scott Pilgrim’. Perfect Toronto-centric movie.
  • June Harlow : Very new restaurant at Dupont and Edwin with wonderful food. Their dessert menu includes freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and homemade smores.
  • Bloordale Pantry : We’ve been here multiple times now for their brunch. Delicious.
  • Yasi’s : They sell Kawartha Dairy ice cream and they are half a block from our house. Danger.
  • A visit to see Andrew’s brother, Mike at the organic farm he’s living/working on. We were sent home with a load of amazing produce.

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