Goodies from Goodness

This amazing package arrived on Friday from Japan, it was a wonderful surprise on a quiet afternoon. Even the stamps are amazing. Leslie of Good-ness and I had talked about doing a fun swap. Right after that, she announced her move back to Canada. Since she was caught up in the whirlwind of getting ready to move half way around the world, I figured we would put the swap on ‘hold’. I had made a couple requests for some Japanese books I had been lusting over and had also asked for a pair of knee socks. Japan has the best socks. If you ever go, can you bring me back a pair of cute knee socks? These ones are adorable with a little ruffle-y detail along the top and mini yellow flowers all over. They are deserving of a special outfit, which I am currently trying to work out, or perhaps make.

The Come Home shop & cafe book (ISBN 9784391626261) is a guide to incredible little businesses around Japan. Since I hope one of our next trips will be to Japan, it’s never too early to start doing research. These shops are too perfect. I have been pouring over every detail in all the photos. Love love love.

There was also another Come Home book (ISBN 9784391620429), a few Japanese fabrics and two Salvia books. The sweet Salvia books are part of a series and I’d love to collect them all.

Leslie, you’re TOO good. I’ll be sending off your package to Calgary for you this week. Safe trip home!

Come Home shop & cafe