Goodies from Goodness

This amazing package arrived on Friday from Japan, it was a wonderful surprise on a quiet afternoon. Even the stamps are amazing. Leslie of Good-ness and I had talked about doing a fun swap. Right after that, she announced her move back to Canada. Since she was caught up in the whirlwind of getting ready to move half way around the world, I figured we would put the swap on ‘hold’. I had made a couple requests for some Japanese books I had been lusting over and had also asked for a pair of knee socks. Japan has the best socks. If you ever go, can you bring me back a pair of cute knee socks? These ones are adorable with a little ruffle-y detail along the top and mini yellow flowers all over. They are deserving of a special outfit, which I am currently trying to work out, or perhaps make.

The Come Home shop & cafe book (ISBN 9784391626261) is a guide to incredible little businesses around Japan. Since I hope one of our next trips will be to Japan, it’s never too early to start doing research. These shops are too perfect. I have been pouring over every detail in all the photos. Love love love.

There was also another Come Home book (ISBN 9784391620429), a few Japanese fabrics and two Salvia books. The sweet Salvia books are part of a series and I’d love to collect them all.

Leslie, you’re TOO good. I’ll be sending off your package to Calgary for you this week. Safe trip home!

Come Home shop & cafe


  1. oh Karyn!

    Do you save or collect the stamps off packages you receive? If not and you’re not planning to keep this box, or if you even still have it– may I salvage those amazing Anne of Green Gables stamps!?? She’s my absolute hero!

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