Doing the 365 project has got me thinking a lot more about photography. I’ve also been reminiscing about my days at Ryerson in the Media Arts program. My major was photography, so I spent a lot of time taking photos and even more time working in the darkroom developing prints. The red light bulbs, the vinegary smell, and making test strips to determine proper exposure… things have changed so much since then.

One of my courses in school was a computer graphics class, where we spent the entire semester writing code to create a program that would literally do what a Photoshop filter can do in 3 seconds. Seriously! I’ll confess, I never wrote that program but ‘borrowed’ a friend’s. I must have known at the time what a ridiculous exercise that was.

I don’t often spend much time doing post production on my photographs, mostly just adjusting the colour balance and exposure. Surfing around in the last few weeks I’ve been hearing more and more about Photoshop Action Sets that you can download and use to create fun effects on your images. My favourite find so far is Pioneer Woman. I downloaded her free action sets and used the ‘Seventies’ action to create these vintage photos of the workroom. Another blog with great free actions is Coffee Shop. It’s very easy to get carried away with these, but it’s pretty fun in moderation.

While I’ve discovered lots of random tidbits here and there, I haven’t found any solid photography blogs to subscribe to. Do you have any that you read?

I’ve been following Adele’s 365 and am excited by her new interview series based on photography.

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