Dress 3, originally uploaded by the workroom.

Dress 3 – Wrap Dress
Fabric – City Limits Espresso Neighbourhood

This was actually the first dress I made this spring. I made this in the Simple Wrap Dress class taught by Sarah. The pattern was originally a frumpy Vogue pattern, but Sarah modified it to be the sweetest little frock. I’m not sure how many of these she has made, but she’s got it down to an exact science. The dress looks great on everyone who makes it.

This was the perfect opportunity to use one of my all time favourite fabrics. I wish more fabrics were like the City Limits collection. The illustration style is whimsical and the repeat is so large that it feels more like an art piece. I have a known weakness for cityscapes, so this fits right into my growing collection.

ALSO – Everybody is talking about Spoonflower, where you can design and custom print your own fabric. I only mention this because I think some of you, dear & talented readers, need to do this…

Dress 3