I had originally titled this ‘Crimson’, but realized that it was a misnomer. Crimson is a red with a bluish tint to it. Vermilion is an orangish red pigment. Part of one of my previous jobs was to come up with colour names. It’s harder than you think to come up with descriptive names for colours on a regular basis.

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  • this is a lovely picture, karyn.
    it also amazes me that this wasn’t taken with an slr.

    another color name that you could add is “titian” (a brownish orange tint or golden auburn color named for the Renaissance painter, as per wikipedia).
    i used to read nancy drew books as a kid and her hair was always described as titian.

  • I’ve lent this book out and haven’t seen it in over a year. I miss it. Try and get a copy of it if you can. Susan Hobbs will most likely have it. Arnaud Maggs and nomenclature. It’s a must.

  • melissa – sigh… i hope to have an slr soon. for now my little olympus does the trick. titian is a fantastic colour name – thanks for bringing it up. i love that was the word used to describe nancy drew’s hair.

    nat – the book looks awesome. i’ll try to track it down somehow.

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