1. what a beautiful dog. i’d love to have one but this race is “almost” prohibited here in germany. they cost a ridiculous amount of taxes and you need a certificate of good conduct because they are considered as highly dangerous… insane.

  2. lou – really? i never would have guessed this could be the case. are there other breeds prohibited in germany, as well?

    jennifer – you can’t help but smile when you see that face!

  3. hey,
    it’s not exactly probhibited but authorities make it real hard (and expensive)for people to have those dogs.
    it’s american staffordshire, staffordshire bullterrier, pitbull, rottweiler, mastiff, doberman… there is a whole list of about 20 breeds. when you own one of those dogs you HAVE to attend dog school with them and make a certain licence. you’ll receive a card where you are named as owner and only YOU can go take your dog for a walk. with leash and muzzle. you can name someone else (a friend or family member) who can take the dog out but that person has to take a course with your dog at the dog school as well in order to get authorized. it’s a hassle. and as we have a tax on dogs the amount for these dogs is a lot higher than for others. it’s ridiculous.

    this came up as we had many people here in germany who trimmed their dogs to bite and fight with other dogs and we had several cases where those dogs bit people to death on command of their owner. but nobody realized that it was men who made the dog do this and not the animal itself. i have several friends with pitbulls or am-staffs and the dogs are cuddly as teddy bears and would never harm anyone. but this is the state of law in this country here. so sad.

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