Stylish Girl's Clothes

Stylish Girl’s Clothes
ISBN 9784579112890
available at the workroom

When I first caught sight of this adorable book, I knew I had to have it. The incredible outfits and styling just melt your heart instantly. It’s crazy but I’d love to wear pretty much any of these clothes, especially the pink dress on the cover!

Now that we’re carrying these books in the shop, I’m excited to carry all my favourites and to discover new favourites for you. I’m going to have to try very hard not to go overboard. (unless you encourage me to go overboard!)

Stylish Girl's Clothes

Stylish Girl's Clothes

Stylish Girl's Clothes

Stylish Girl's Clothes

Stylish Girl's Clothes

Stylish Girl's Clothes


  1. How hard/easy is it to understand the patterns in this book? I mean, what if I wanted to buy it for an out-of-town friend who’s unable to go to the Japanese dress book workshops you hold, would she be able to figure it all out?

    The dress on the cover is, indeed, so pretty!

  2. This book looks amazing! I have Girly Style Wardrobe, but I have yet to make anything from it. I am still too intimidated. I love the simple style of these clothes. I recently discovered Citronille. Are you familiar with their patterns? They are amazing as well.

  3. go overboard please!! I’m too far away (California) to buy from you but I love your blog and posts on Japanese patterns. I would love to see some items made for kid too… hint 🙂

  4. Oh no. I’m supposed to be on a craft book and mag diet, but I don’t think I’ll be able to resist this one, especially the cape!

  5. caitlin – there are definitely a few tricks to using these books, since you won’t be able to read the instructions. if your friend has some good sewing experience and has made clothing before, it will be much easier to figure out.there are also lots of great blogs that discuss the topic that she can refer to.

    janet – i’m going to be 36 next week and i’m totally into these clothes. i’m not sure what that says about me, but they are absolutely adorable.

    erica – i’ve been reading and seeing posts on citronelle and the patterns look really great. I’d love to try one out one day, at least i can read a little french!

    katie – thanks for push! i don’t need much encouragement, any excuse to buy these books.

    rachel – somehow i think you should be able to justify this book, it’s for your daughter’s wardrobe after all. she’ll look so cute in one of those capes!

    rebecca – it can’t be too hard to make the cape a bit larger, right!?

    amanda & ann – yes, we actually do ship/sell to the states. we can easily do a phone/email order for you. just let us know what you’d like.

    britt – i know, where did they find those sweet kids?

  6. I love these books and would love to know if there is an equivalent book for boys. It’s a bit trickier to find great patterns for boys. There’s one called “New York Style Kids Clothes” that looks interesting.

  7. Hey Karyn, I was just googling ‘citronelle patterns Canada’ and this came up. I love them! Any chance you’re thinking if ordering them for the workroom?

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