Maximus Cowl

A few times a year, I pick a month to dedicate to finishing projects. The main objective is to cross things off my list whether they are brand new projects or projects that have been lingering for months (or even years!) Sometimes, all it takes to finish something is sewing on buttons. For larger projects, like quilts, finishing a block or a stage of the project is considered a ‘finish’ to me.

January seemed like the perfect time to start a finishing campaign. I also took a week off work towards the end of the month to just stay home, relax and sew. Heaven! I had ten solid finishes in January, ranging from a quilt top to a duffle bag to a knit cowl that I started over two years ago. Here are a few sneak peeks!

Portfolio Tunic

Duffle Bag

Colette : Zinnia Skirt

M6553 Dress