Quilt As You Go Carryall Class with Johanna Masko
with incorporated Herringbone Patchwork Class block

This bag evolved from Johanna’s very first class at the workroom, the Quilt as you go Tote which first appeared on our calendar almost eight years ago! The tote was adorable and the technique was really useful but Johanna wanted to update the class to make a much larger bag that would be extra useful. The kind of carryall you would love for everyday use.

I was excited to use this colour palette. It had been on my mind for a while. Although I use blue a lot, with the addition of the black, it made this a much bolder selection than I usually put together. I initially used these fabrics for the Herringbone Patchwork class and when this class launched soon after, it made it sense to me to just grab the same stack of fabrics to create the front panel and then use my Herringbone block for the back. I love being able to combine work from one class into another.

The Quilt As You Go technique is super fun. It’s perfect for making smaller bags and accessories to give them extra body. Plus, a patchwork bag means that you can cram in lots of fun fabrics rather just one or two. I kept the quilting simple but fairly dense. I really love how my Patchwork iPad Case turned out, so I followed a similar style.

Johanna nailed it with this pattern update. This bag is a great size and fits all the random things I might bring along with me to work each day, including Maisy’s dinner container, my Nikon D90 camera, wallet, multiple notebooks and a bottle of PastTense.

I couldn’t shake this colour palette so I used it for my Weight of Love Quilt too!

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