Super Star Quilt
Started April 2013
Finished April 2015
Quilting pattern : Not a Square

This quilt has been happily finished for months now. It seems that my ratio of finished quilts to unfinished quilts is very unbalanced, but I do seem to have a few finished quilts I need to show you. Here’s the first one. I’m hoping that our new Bernina Q24 longarm at the workroom studio is going to help swing that towards having even more finished quilts to show for.

Johanna’s Super Star is inspired by the traditional Lone Star pattern. It’s a quilt that I had on my wishlist from an early time in my quilting career. Though, truth be told, I am up for any quilt that features stars. As usual, Johanna came through with a much more efficient and simple way to make this lovely star quilt.

One of my favourite details of the quilt is the tiny border that I fussy cut a row of tickets for. I had the quilting done by a longarmer and chose the ‘Not a Square’ pattern. I wanted something more angular to go with the angles of the star and I think this does the trick. I still find it a real challenge to figure out what quilting design to use.

This quilt is now in rotation on my bed. I’m so happy to say that I finally have two queen-sized quilts to choose from at home. My Swoon quilt is my second one, which needs a post of its’ own.



Super Star Quilt

Super Star Quilt


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