Vintage Wrapping Paper, originally uploaded by the workroom.

Every so often, when the moons align and Jupiter is in just the right house, a special portal opens up and delivers the mother load of found treasure. When you find this rare portal, you can often return on multiple occasions to find the treasure replenished.

Please note the bounty I have rescued over the course of a week from the exact same location…

1. A large vintage glass cracker jar
2. Two small glass milk bottles
3. Two green mugs made in Japan
4. Five etched floral drinking glasses
5. Yellow round vintage cookie tin
6. Four rolls of vintage holiday wrapping paper
7. Vintage desk lamp
8. Rectangular embossed glass measuring cup

There might be more. While I was at the shop today, they got a dumpster bin and filled it to the brim. When I walked by tonight, I refrained from jumping in, due to there being witnesses. (who also happen to be my neighbours) This is where one of those invisibility cloaks come in might handy. If only I could find one of those.

Milk bottles, cracker jar and lamp

Vintage Tin