This made me stop while riding my bike down Queen Street on Monday. I guess someone was really missing someone else in Trinity Bellwoods Park. Sweet.

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  • Can I pretend that it is Toronto saying it to me and Dustin? We miss you too!

  • That’s one of the few things I miss about living on that side of town – there was always something new to see – some new little guerila art project tucked away in some corner. That and claffuti’s chocolate almond croissant.

  • There’s a giant red heart painted at the intersection of Bedford and Prince Whatever that appeared right after Valentine’s Day.

    I wonder if some romantic person put together a few large scale love messages across the city, or if it was different people.

  • awww.
    this made me tear up.
    thanks for sharing!

  • I remember at Dundas St West before Brock St. There used to be a sign by the body shop that said, I LOVE YOU and it was such an amazing thig. I never took a picture cause i didn’t have a camera at the time, and now it only lives on in my memory as they changed it a long time ago. Thanks for sharing!

  • charlotte – oh, it’s true – toronto does MISS YOU! you’ll have to start a blog to catch us up on your adventures down there.

    beth – i could eat one of those croissants everyday for the rest of my life! so yummy.

    ben – i’ll try to get a look at the heart. it would be so sweet if it was one person making grand gestures all around town.

    melissa – i miss you!

    lisa – it’s amazing how these sorts of random messages bring so much joy and stay with us for so long.

  • Lovely post! How romantic! Thanks for sharing Karyn!

  • i love that sign.

    i just discovered your blog through your workroom site- i signed up for the corset workshop. I am in Toronto (on Toronto Island actually) and i’ve never been to the Workroom but i’m looking forward to it. i like how your blog is a combination of your personal projects and whimsies and the Toronto craft scene.

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