I have a new obsession.

Over the weekend I started making these mini log cabin blocks from scrap fabrics from my stash and from the scrap bin at the workroom. I collected all my favourite scraps and then sorted them all by colour. Then I started creating little mini colour palettes for each log cabin block and so it began…

Here’s what I love about this. Each tiny block is an exercise in colour. I can try out dozens of different colour palettes without committing to an entire quilt or large scale project. I can be experimental, spontaneous and playful without worrying about the outcome. It’s soo much fun!

Also, I’m using up tiny scraps. A lot of these are leftovers from all my past projects or leftovers from YOUR past projects. I’ve been swiping your little scrap bin throwaways for months and finally I’m using them.

This particular block was inspired by a spread in one of my visual diaries. I’ve been making these visual diaries/collage/scrap/inspiration books since university. It is one of my favourite all-time activities to sit down with my bottle of rubber cement and endlessly arrange the bits and pieces of magazines clippings and ephemera that I collect. Every time I open one of my books I’m immediately inspired. This particular colour palette stood out and I gathered my orange, grey and navy scraps. These are colours that I never would have put together on my own, but they look so delicious!

A crafty nod goes to Jen, whose log cabin heart medallions made me want to do tiny patchwork.

6 Responses to “ORANGE, GREY & NAVY”

  • I LOVE this colour combination!! And what a great way to use up timy scraps.

  • Karyn, I love that block!! Can’t wait to see the next 20 :)

  • beautiful. i think grey is one of the most under-appreciated colors.

  • I’ve recently realized that I am not the only one who rips apart her magazines and recreates spreads and image collages based on my own imagination and inspiration. First I saw Holly at Decor8 create these lovely spreads and now here’s your inspiring colorwork. I think I may just have to share some images of my own on my blog soon! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  • quite wondrous! i really like the varying textures of the orange against the softer grays and blues; the center square of deep navy really catches the eye. i would definitely sew this to a favorite shirt or apron.

  • Oooh…I like this. I’ve recently been thinking that English paper piecing would be fun to try, but the log cabin is more familiar. (and doesn’t require cutting the paper AND the fabric) Thanks for the inspiration!

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