Fake Spring

It’s so easy to carried away this time of the year. I cut out this comic years and years ago and use it to remind myself that although the calendar says spring is here, I’m better off wearing my winter coat for just a little bit longer. It’s still really cold out there!


  1. It’s true… it is cold. But, for me, not having to wear winter boots and slide around in slush anymore is enough reason to celebrate. And there was that one day last week when I went completely without a coat or jacket!!

  2. No doubt! As I sit here in my layers of silk long johns, sweaters, wool sox, & scarflett, I can see daffodils blooming out the window and the little green house full of veggie starts. Grey. Damp. Cold. Hopeful!

  3. So true, I always find it amusing to see the people in shorts. Especially when they missed the boat and wear the theam after the super warm day. Though I have to admit I have given up the winter boots!

  4. harhar. that was cute.
    the weather could have been so perrrfect if it weren’t for that blasted wind.
    at least it’s nice and sunny! 🙂 have a great day karyn!

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