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Wiksten Tank

Tank Top Sewing Pattern by Wiksten
Liberty of London : Kerry’s Flock print Tana Lawn Cotton
Photographed at the Extended Stay Deluxe in Madison, WI

Hello from Madison, Wisconsin!

I haven’t been here for ages, so we have lots to catch up on. I’m going to focus on the little things first and work up to the bigger things, if that’s okay. It feels easier to talk about this new tank top rather than the life changing things that have happened in 2012. We’ll get to that stuff.

It’s true though – Andrew, Maisy & I are living out in Madison, Wisonsin for a month. I prefer to tell that story with photos right now, so you can visit my personal flickr site which is updated everyday. In particular, the Madison photo set starts right at the beginning.

I have quite a few sewing projects that I’ve completed in the last little while. I brought a bunch of them along on this trip to photograph in Madison and share with you. Plus, I have my sewing machine with me! Having my Bernina with me is the best and I’m working on several new projects.

Being on the road, my Wiksten tank tops have been in constant rotation. With jeans or shorts, they are the perfect thing to wear in any situation. This Liberty version using the Kerry’s Flock print is the newest addition to the collection. The lightweight tana lawn cotton is heaven to sew with and wear.

By now, it seems like everyone has tried this pattern. If not, you should! We have both of Jenny Gordy’s Wiksten patterns available at the workroom now (both online and in our shop on Queen Street). We can hardly keep them in stock, they sell so quickly. The patterns were just mentioned in this week’s THE GRID article on the workroom and some of our most favourite items.

My growing collection of Wiksten tanks includes this Paris Map version and this Martha Negley version. Many, many more to come.

Wiksten Tank

Wiksten Tank

Wiksten Tank

Wiksten Tank


Lucky Magazine : August 2011

I’m so super proud to be included in the Toronto City Guide in the August issue of Lucky Magazine. Since Lucky started I’ve always loved their city guide feature, so it’s kind of a dream come true to be in one! I also think that the editor who has the job of traveling around and putting them together has one of the best gigs around.

We are in brilliant company in the feature, listed among our favourite places (& people!) including Bookhou, Fawn, Mjölk, Robber, Russet & Empire, Shopgirls and Smash.

p.s. Two things I’m currently obsessing over : this pie plate & this half square triangle dress. I want both!

Lucky Magazine : August 2011

Lucky Magazine : August 2011

Lucky Magazine : August 2011

Lucky Magazine : August 2011


ReadyMade October 2010

A few months ago, Jane Flanagan approached me to create a fashion DIY for a piece she was doing for ReadyMade Magazine. I jumped at the chance to be included in one of my favourite magazines and to work with the lovely Jane. Originally I had another idea for a necklace. Unfortunately when I sat down to make it, it looked nothing like the cute vision I had in my head. Drat! I remember looking desperately around my dining room/sewing area for a Plan B. I spotted a zipper and immediately thought that there must be something I could do with a zipper. I unzipped it and slipped it over my head like a necklace. Perfect. I knew if I added a cute ruffle, it would be a sweet accessory.

I think this project is almost like a girlie version of a necktie. You can totally wear it with a simple tshirt or dress. Plus, it’s really easy and quick to sew. You can find the complete instructions in the October print issue of ReadyMade.

One of my favourite parts of this project was getting to meet Jane in person! She met up with me one afternoon to watch me make one of the necklaces, so she could write out the instructions for the project. Thanks Jane, this was so much fun!

ReadyMade October 2010


Vote for the workroom!

I just found out yesterday that the workroom/make something had been nominated for a Poppy award under the ‘Favourite Handmade Crafter’ category. How sweet!

The Poppies are a brand new virtual awards event to give recognition to all the awesome talent out there, put forth by the wonderful crew at Poppytalk. Every day for the next week, a new category will be announced and you can vote for your favourites in each category. You can vote once per day for the entire week for each category.

There are so many great people represented, so it’s a wonderful opportunity to discover some new crafty shops and blogs. There is stiff competition in the crafters category. Atlantic Treefox, Film in the Fridge, Leptitpapillon, Miniature Rhino, Resurrection Fern, Sandra Juto, Stitchface, and Yokoo are just a few of the folks in the running!

Vote for your Favourite Handmade Crafter here!


50 Cheap Thrills

50 Cheap Thrills

50 Cheap Thrills

the workroom‘s monthly Stitch n’ Bitch night was featured as #8 on Toronto Life’s 50 Cheap Thrills!


November 2009 Chatelaine

Late in the summer, the workroom had the opportunity to play a small part in an initiative that Chatelaine staffers had created to donate money to families in need over the holidays by selling reusable gift bags they had sewn from thrifted and vintage fabrics. An enthusiastic crew of happy sewers arrived at the shop with piles of fabric, trim and even baked holiday treats from the Chatelaine test kitchen. (yum!) They quickly set up a production line and whipped up 46 colourful totes to sell for their cause in just a few hours. You can read about this great event in the November issue of Chatelaine!

Katie Dupuis from Chatelaine also runs a crafty blog called, “She’s Crafty”. I was super flattered to be her “Crafter of the Month” for September. Thanks Katie!

One last thing. the workroom and some of our workroom friends have become stock photography! Photographer Darren Kemper arranged a photo shoot at the workroom in the summer to get some shots of young people sewing and crafting. It was a pretty fun afternoon, ‘pretending’ to sew and teach sewing while Darren snapped our photos. There was a heck of a lot of laughing that afternoon. If you scroll through the photos, you’ll also see a photo shoot that was done with our friends at the Knit Cafe. I wonder where these stock photos might end up?!?

November 2009 Chatelaine

November 2009 Chatelaine


What a sweet surprise to hear that the workroom was mentioned in Toronto Life‘s Best of the City issue!


Hi, it’s June! Summer is just racing towards us faster than I can believe.

To celebrate the very first day of summer, City of Craft and the workroom are presenting the Garden Party Trunk Show on Sunday June 21, Noon – 5pm. As usual we have an enticing crew of vendors who will dazzle you with their wares (both handmade & vintage). I hope you will mark your calendars!

Also, two of the workroom’s friends – Sarah & Shiralee were featured in an article in the Globe and Mail on the weekend about handmade weddings. I was really excited to see photos from both of their magical-looking weddings that they added special handmade touches to. (including fabrics from the workroom!)

The article also shares some great resources and ideas, but mostly i just LOVE looking at photos of weddings. This and this are a couple of my favs. Do you have favourite wedding photos? Perhaps your own? Comment here with a link, so that I can spy on more people’s weddings!


Spotted this on my walk to work this morning. This is a seriously smart game of hopscotch.

It’s been so long that I had to read up on the rules of the game.


With a little help from Anabela, I finally located a couple copies of the newest issue of Stitch magazine at Presse Internationale. There’s a nice mention of the workroom with a couple great photos. (that’s Anabela’s quilt, Grant, Rosalyn and Michelle in the top photo!) This piece came about because Jacqueline of Soak kindly mentioned the workroom and put me in touch with one of the editors. It’s such a treat to be on the same pages as so many great talents in this new magazine.

There is an informative article on Liberty of London fabrics (they are coming in the next couple weeks!), people who are printing their own textiles (Lena Corwin, Ink & Spindle and Lotta Jansdotter) and tons of cool projects and patterns. I’m going to get myself a subscription so that I don’t have to run around the city trying to locate a copy. Plus, I want to make sure this magazine stays in print.

I know there are a few people trying to find copies, so please comment if you see a copy somewhere in the city. Michelle said there were lots of copies today at the Indigo at Bay & Bloor.

Thanks so much to everyone who emailed and tweeted when they saw the article. It’s great to see how popular this publication is already!