With a little help from Anabela, I finally located a couple copies of the newest issue of Stitch magazine at Presse Internationale. There’s a nice mention of the workroom with a couple great photos. (that’s Anabela’s quilt, Grant, Rosalyn and Michelle in the top photo!) This piece came about because Jacqueline of Soak kindly mentioned the workroom and put me in touch with one of the editors. It’s such a treat to be on the same pages as so many great talents in this new magazine.

There is an informative article on Liberty of London fabrics (they are coming in the next couple weeks!), people who are printing their own textiles (Lena Corwin, Ink & Spindle and Lotta Jansdotter) and tons of cool projects and patterns. I’m going to get myself a subscription so that I don’t have to run around the city trying to locate a copy. Plus, I want to make sure this magazine stays in print.

I know there are a few people trying to find copies, so please comment if you see a copy somewhere in the city. Michelle said there were lots of copies today at the Indigo at Bay & Bloor.

Thanks so much to everyone who emailed and tweeted when they saw the article. It’s great to see how popular this publication is already!