It might be a bit ridiculous to even mention this project, I mean we’ve all cut the legs off a pair of jeans before to make jean shorts. These particular jeans have really special significance to me though, so I wanted to document them as they went into their next phase of life. These were my first pair of Seven Jeans and I bought them at Barney’s. It was the first time I spent that much money on a pair of jeans and they were the beginning of my little denim collection. These jeans looked so great that my friends Angela and Cassandra also bought the exact same pair. I wore mine to death and have repaired them dozens of times, the denim is pretty thread-bare now. I thought I could get at least one more summer out of them as shorts though.

The one little detail I added, that I think is pretty sweet, is some lace trim around the cuff. Just use the zig zag stitch on your machine to stitch along the edge of the lace. The legs of the jeans have gone into my ‘denim box’ for a future quilt made with all different denim. (inspired by this and this.)