Button Down Vest

It goes with the territory of crafting to have a pile of projects that haven’t quite made it to the ‘finished’ line. I’ve decided to make an online pledge to finish up this list of eight projects in the very near future. These are by no means all of my unfinished projects, but these are the ones I can realistically get done pronto. Some of them are so close to being finished, it’s kind of ridiculous. If any of you need a little nudge to finish off even just one little project from your list, feel free to leave a comment publicly stating your finishing goal. Finishing off some old projects means feeling even better about starting new ones!

  • plaid button down vest – COMPLETE!
  • my mom’s birdie sling bag (2009 christmas gift) – FINISHED!
  • Liberty of London dress shirt
  • dress ‘S’ from Stylish Dress Book
  • cardigan ‘J’ from Happy Homemade
  • hidden tab curtains for the living room
  • my buzz saw quilt – COMPLETE WITH LABEL!
  • a new fabric bucket with linen & japanese fabric

Happy Homemade Vol. 1