Stylish Dress Book 2 : Dress "B"

I know, I JUST posted this dress pattern. I warned you that I was going to make it again. (and again) It’s a really easy top to wear, since it’s almost like a t-shirt. It’s also really easy to sew and I didn’t want to trace out a new pattern. (lazy!) Also, I find that almost all of my real t-shirts are too short and I prefer a longer tunic length. I cleared out my drawers the other day and bagged up an entire drawer’s worth of clothing, mostly t-shirts that I never wear anymore. (FYI – new class alert for the new year = t-shirts!)

I was given some lovely soft woven cottons from India. This fabric is incredible. It is so lightweight and lovely with just the slightest sheen to it. I had just enough to make a shorter tunic version of this dress. Keeping with my resolution to use more trim, I made a special trip to Mokuba to pick up the grey blue lacey trim. Hemming with trim is actually a time-saver.

With all the unfinished projects I’ve got piled up right now, it felt great to whip up this little shirt and wear it the same week. I’m going to make another, but I promise to try out a new pattern first.

Stylish Dress Book 2 : Dress "B"

Stylish Dress Book 2 : Dress "B"

Stylish Dress Book 2 : Dress "B"


  1. Not to be a downer but how does the trim wash? I would love to add more trim to things but find some need to be ‘blocked’ with an iron every time I wash. I have a hard time telling the difference between those that will or won’t.

  2. i looooove this tunic when u wore it the other day!! everything about it is so great
    ps. i actually really like the variations you do with the same pattern! makes me realize u can do so much with it. thanks yo

  3. Thanks ladies for the sweet compliments!

    Rachel – what a timely question! I JUST ironed the shirt this morning after washing it for the first time. the trim totally shrunk up and needed to be ‘blocked’/stretched out and ironed. i didn’t check the fibre content when i bought it, but i’ll find out the next time i go to mokuba. it wasn’t too hard to get it back to normal and it still looks good. this is actually the first time it’s been an issue for me with trim, so i’m not sure why this one shrunk up and others haven’t. i’ll do some research into it and try to post about this issue soon! thanks for bringing it up.

  4. Hi Karyn,

    I found your website because I was interested in making dresses from the Stylish Dress pattern books. The dresses you’ve sewn are inspirational! I had a baby in May and somehow struggled to find clothes that I would love to wear. I somehow managed to teach myself to sew out of necessity because all the clothes I loved seemed to be in the Stylish Dress Books!

    It would be lovely if I were located near the Workroom because I would love to attend some classes. It would definitely help me develop my skills and quite possibly a deeper love for sewing. Sewing is such a rewarding activity. I am currently residing in Malaysia, which is half a world away from where you are.

    I’ve figured some details out (eg: pattern does not include seam allowance etc) but somehow am struggling with the sizing! I am currently slightly odd shaped and my measurements are 90-81-97cm and I am 163cm tall. As you had sized yourself well based on the Stylish Dress Books, I am wondering if you could help me figure out mine.


  5. I am in love with this tunic. The fabric is amazing and I can sense the softness just from the detailed photograph. Any hints as to where one might purchase such material.

  6. This tunic looks fabulous on you, Karyn!! (and I always prewash my trims before sewing — my home ec teacher even made us pour water over our zippers to preshrink them. Old habits die hard….)

  7. I love the trim! Mokuba is such a dangerous place for me. I always walk out with a couple of metres of ribbon for no set purpose other than to admire their prettiness.

    I love the dress too. It does look perfectly comfortable and wearable and the fabric is perfection.

  8. Beautiful.

    PS I have sizing issues with these clothes, too. Your clothes are always so nicely fitted. I’ve been making clothing from the Japanese books for a while now, but feel I haven’t gotten the sizing very well, either, despite my best efforts at measuring and matching up.

  9. Avonne – it can be a bit tricky to size yourself the first time… your measurements are between to size ’11’ & ’13’. i tend to find that you can go with the smaller size since everything is so generously fitted with these patterns, but the real test is trying to make something. try doing a muslin test if you’re not sure and let me know how it goes!

    Anna – i tend to hem by hand stitching an invisible hem on all my clothing which can take a bit of time, but i love the result… so machine stitching a trim to the hem is much faster than that!

    Margie – i was given all these lovely woven cottons from india.. most are plaids and all are super soft. i’ll send you a photo of what i’ve got and you can tell me if you spot any that you like for yourself.

    Martha – pre-washing trim. brilliant idea. this is something i never thought of before.

    Jane – We are like little birds collecting bits of trim & string for our nest!

    Shin Ae – What are the fitting issues you seem to be having?

  10. Thanks so much for posting these projects. I just got Stylish Dress Book 2 and my first project will be this one, shortened as you have done. You’re an inspiration! If only I lived in Toronto . . .

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