I hardly had a moment to take any photos at the Love & Rummage 3 Trunk Show on Sunday. When I arrived at the shop there was a line up outside for the City of Craft giveaway bags and from the moment we opened the door until just past 5pm, we were pretty busy. (some moments were Crazy Busy!)

I hadn’t had breakfast that morning so I snacked the day away on delicious chocolate heart cupcakes, brownies and cookies. Thank goodness we always do a snack table at our trunk shows. It was so busy at some points that many of you came and went without me even spotting you or saying ‘hi!’. I hope you had fun. I definitely did. It’s hard not to in a room filled with so many friends.

At the very last second of the show, I managed to run around and buy myself a few necessary treats. A ceramic heart from Krystal Speck, the tote I’ve been wanting so bad from Fieldguided, some postcards by Dead Weight and a very pretty Queen-filled envelope ready for mailing from Send More Mail. Coriander Girl gave me a little posy in a cute vintage bottle.

Thanks for supporting the show! Did you get some cute stuff too??!

ADDED NOTE : Celine took photos of the show for Toronto Craft Alert. Check them out here!

The Arthur

Coriander Girl


Krystal Speck ceramic heart

Dead Weight postcards

The Queen envelope from Send More Mail

Fieldguided Tote