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love & rummage 5

It almost didn’t happen, but I’m so happy that our tradition of having a Valentines Trunk show is continuing this year. It’s been 5 years since we first teamed up with City of Craft to host the very first Trunk Show. It’s become a bright spot in the middle of winter to look forward to seeing lots of good friends, treating ourselves to special crafts, scooping up cool vintage finds and eating delicious snacks.

We’ve been sorting through our rummage for the show. We’ve got a new box of vintage patterns to share and all kinds of vintage fabric yardage & remnants. Most of our rummage is priced at $2! There are some serious deals here!

We also have lots of new fabrics & books on our shelves. Take a look here to see what’s new at the workroom.

The Junction Flea is also happening on Sunday from 10-5pm, just down the street from us. So much fun for a wintery day!


Fabric Scrap Bundles

When is a scrap bundle more than just a scrap bundle? At the workroom, these are more than just leftover fabrics that are stuffed into a bag. They are little time capsules of the workroom’s history.

For the past month we’ve been working on preparing as many scrap bundles as we can for this weekend’s City of Craft show. Elisa has been diligently going through our boxes of colour sorted scraps, cutting them up into sizable pieces. Ayalah, Rosalyn and I have been folding all the scraps into stacks that will surprise you as you peel away each layer to discover the treasures inside. As we’ve been folding, I feel like we are also re-living all the memories associated with different prints. We’ve put a lot of work & love into these bundles and unfortunately there is only a limited quantity. I wish we could have made more, especially since at the Spring City of Craft show we sold out of 100 bags within the first hour.

To sweeten the deal, each bag contains at least one, if not two scraps of Liberty of London. These are scraps we received from a local designer and we’ve never had these prints in the shop. I’ve also reached into my secret stash to divide up a half metre of Heather Ross’ VW Vans print. 8 lucky people will find a piece hidden inside their bundle. Even though this print is blue, it might be hiding in any of the other colour bundles!

We will try to reserve a few of the bundles for Sunday, but the majority will be available, first come, first serve on Saturday. There are only 150. Scrap bundles will be cash only.

We’ll have lots of other great items at our table too! Our wooden cross stitch pendants, fat quarter sets, patterns, floss palettes, needle minders, mini scissors, Soak Boxes, coloured baker’s twine, and more!

This is by far our favourite show of the entire year. We’re super excited that this is our first year having a table. To preview some of what’s in store – take a look at the beautiful look book designed by Arounna here. Can’t wait to see you there!

City of Craft
1087 Queen Street West at Dovercourt
Saturday December 8, 11am-6pm
Sunday December 9, 11am-5pm
$2 admission

Fabric Scrap Bundles

Fabric Scrap Bundles

Fabric Scrap Bundles



I hardly had a moment to take any photos at the Love & Rummage 3 Trunk Show on Sunday. When I arrived at the shop there was a line up outside for the City of Craft giveaway bags and from the moment we opened the door until just past 5pm, we were pretty busy. (some moments were Crazy Busy!)

I hadn’t had breakfast that morning so I snacked the day away on delicious chocolate heart cupcakes, brownies and cookies. Thank goodness we always do a snack table at our trunk shows. It was so busy at some points that many of you came and went without me even spotting you or saying ‘hi!’. I hope you had fun. I definitely did. It’s hard not to in a room filled with so many friends.

At the very last second of the show, I managed to run around and buy myself a few necessary treats. A ceramic heart from Krystal Speck, the tote I’ve been wanting so bad from Fieldguided, some postcards by Dead Weight and a very pretty Queen-filled envelope ready for mailing from Send More Mail. Coriander Girl gave me a little posy in a cute vintage bottle.

Thanks for supporting the show! Did you get some cute stuff too??!

ADDED NOTE : Celine took photos of the show for Toronto Craft Alert. Check them out here!

The Arthur

Coriander Girl


Krystal Speck ceramic heart

Dead Weight postcards

The Queen envelope from Send More Mail

Fieldguided Tote


Love & Rummage Trunk Show

The Love & Rummage Trunk Show weekend is finally here! This year will mark the fourth year we have done this annual Valentines event with City of Craft. (OMG… this means this is the workroom‘s fourth year of existence!!!!) For me, this is always a wonderfully cheery event in the middle of the long winter. I absolutely LOVE that frigid temperatures, snow storms and the fact that we keep scheduling it on Super Bowl Sunday don’t seem to deter crowds of you from dropping by to support our favourite local artists at this love-filled show.

For the early birds, there are gift bags available to the first 25 shoppers. Plus, a cute mini bunting make & take workshop sponsored by Etsy and facilitated by Michelle Renaud from 3-4pm. City of Craft has been posting vendor profiles, so you can get a sneak peek of all the fun you can expect on Sunday!! Are you coming? I hope so!


Pair of figures by The Maple Ridge

All I have to say is, “Thank Goodness For City of Craft!”. In the couple days prior to the show, I was entering a holiday meltdown mood. I was really starting to freak out that I was so unprepared with only a week to go. I have only finished a few of my gifts and none of the major ones.

This year was the first year that I went to City of Craft with the sole purpose of shopping. The last few years, I had done a little workshop and had ten minutes to rush around the floor before heading back to the workroom to teach a class. This year I had about an hour, but I could have stayed for twice as long.

The vendors were really incredible! I had a very hard time making my final selections as I had given myself a set budget for spending. But I was able to pick up some great Christmas gifts and a few special treats for myself.

Congratulations! to Becky and everyone City of Craft-related on a wonderful show. Next year I will allot even more time, so I can spend even more money! If I can’t make all my gifts, it feels great to buy gifts from such talented locals.

Details on the fun goodies I picked up:

Watermelon Pair by The Maple Ridge
– these guys are for me! i could not resist these matching figures, especially since they were holding watermelons. Becky told me that Andrew Zangerle was just about to give up on making these figures before doing City of Craft. Please don’t let that happen, they are too awesome.

Mini Blackboard Necklace by Killside Krafts
– okay, this is also for me. Melodie laser cuts her books and cute accessories at the workroom. These mini blackboard necklaces are perfect for someone who loves anything blackboard.

Pin Cushion by Needlebook
– um, this is also for me. I have a few other items by Claire and you can just feel the love crafted into them.

Ceramic Heart Brooch by Julie Moon
– This is a gift for Andrew’s mom. I could easily purchase one of everything Julie makes.

Glow in the Dark T-Shirt by Hieng Tang
– This is a gift for my brother. He loves t-shirts and monsters and you can’t go wrong with something that also glows in the dark!

Asparagus Brooch by Denture Thief Productions
– Oh dear, this is for me.

Cat Tea Towels by Lines by Davis
– This is another gift for Andrew’s mom. I’ve long admired Davis’ cat pillow, so I was really excited to see a tea towel version.

This really shows you what happens when I go out shopping for gifts… 50% for me and 50% for others. Luckily, I don’t get out much! I’m working away on making the rest of my gifts and will post those photos soon-ish.

Mini blackboard necklace by Killside Krafts

Pin Cushion by Needlebook

Ceramic Heart Brooch by Julie Moon

Glow in the dark T-Shirt by Hieng Tang

Brooch by Denture Thief Productions

Hemp Tea Towels by Lines by Davis


Beside Herself

I worried all week that the weather would be terrible on Sunday for the Spring Trunk Show, but it turned out to be a lovely, sunny day! It was a really fun show with handful of great new vendors – Stitch Face, Beside Herself, Deadweight, Argyle Acorn, and Repeat Studio.

Over the last month, I’ve been laser cutting with Chris, so I was excited to see his finished birdhouses and letterbox. They turned out so beautifully.

I always go home with a few treats for myself. Melinda sweetly gave me a copy of her new print. She designed it especially for the trunk show and is perfect for anyone who loves sewing. It will be framed and hung up somewhere special in the shop. Melinda also made homemade marshmallows and oreo cookies that were so delicious.

It was great to see everyone out on the weekend. Yay Spring!


Jin, Chris, Melinda & Celine

Laser cut birdhouse by Chris

New Print by Melinda Josie


Love & Rummage 2

Can you believe it’s time for another fun trunk show? Our Valentine’s shows are always such a bright, warm spot in the dreary winter. Check out the City of Craft blog to see detailed vendor profiles for some of the show’s talent. I hope to see you this Sunday!


Leah's Vintage Dresses

I just might be close to catching up on all my posts from the last few weeks. Last week was our first ever trunk show that was rummage only. We weren’t too sure what would happen, but it was such a fun event!

It was a gorgeous, sunny fall day and so many people dropped by to check out all the rummage and snap up great deals. I had one piece of rummage that day, a pair of vintage boots that didn’t fit me properly. Sweet Anabela kindly hosted my boots in her trunk and they sold!

Claire gifted me a super cool vintage tin as a birthday present (Thanks Claire!) and I picked out several black & white photos from Grant’s suitcase. A crazy bargain at $.10 each!

Thanks so much to everyone who brought out their awesome rummage and all the shoppers who came and took it away!

Dana's Trunk

Claire's Trunk

Vintage Tin from Claire

Vintage Black & White Photos from Grant


Hi, it’s June! Summer is just racing towards us faster than I can believe.

To celebrate the very first day of summer, City of Craft and the workroom are presenting the Garden Party Trunk Show on Sunday June 21, Noon – 5pm. As usual we have an enticing crew of vendors who will dazzle you with their wares (both handmade & vintage). I hope you will mark your calendars!

Also, two of the workroom’s friends – Sarah & Shiralee were featured in an article in the Globe and Mail on the weekend about handmade weddings. I was really excited to see photos from both of their magical-looking weddings that they added special handmade touches to. (including fabrics from the workroom!)

The article also shares some great resources and ideas, but mostly i just LOVE looking at photos of weddings. This and this are a couple of my favs. Do you have favourite wedding photos? Perhaps your own? Comment here with a link, so that I can spy on more people’s weddings!


Jen Anisef helped change my life.

When the workroom was just a hare-brained scheme in my head, I nervously attended a Craft Chat held by Toronto Craft Alert. I had never interacted with Toronto’s craft scene in person, only lurked on local blogs and cruised a few craft fairs. I didn’t realize at the time, but this was a pivotal moment for me.

Attendance to the Craft Chat was much smaller than expected, but the quality of people was stellar. This is where I first met Becky (Sweetie Pie Press), Leah (Cold Snap Bindery), Angelune (Toronto Craft Alert), Marnie (girl number twenty), Johanna (the workroom’s esteemed quilting teacher!) and Jen. The chat ranged on topics from the American vs. Canadian craft scene, rallying local resources, creating more dialog (online & in person), and etsy. Although I wasn’t ready at the time to share my business idea, I left feeling that this small group represented everything I hoped to bring together in the workroom. I think this is just one of thousands of examples of the positive impact TCA & Jen have made for so many people in our community.

Toronto Craft Alert is just one of the major, local, craft-supporting projects that Jen is involved with. She is one third of the City of Craft team and one half of the Good Egg Industries team. This crafty lady is truly remarkable and she makes a mean patchwork, to boot! Thank you, Jen for everything you do.

Jen will be at the Love & Rummage Trunk Show selling her irresistable log cabin heart medallions, plus City of Craft tees and totes.

When did your life become all about craft? or has it always been that way?

JEN : I have always made stuff & bossed people around with regards to making stuff. I organized a group of my ten year old friends in a crafty collective of sorts – hawking our fimo hairclips and brooches to shops! I didn’t begin to identify as artistic or crafty until about 1999 when I spent a year living in rural Japan where everyone and their grandmother is engaged in the act of making at most times, or at least in appreciating the natural creative beauty that surrounds them. I was fortunate enough to hook up with an English-speaking farmer buddy who drove me around the prefecture, translating interviews with craft artists of all different sorts including master weavers, washi makers and traditional indigo dyers. It was heaven and I realized then that I was in love with craft.

All of your many projects are focused on the local craft scene – TCA, Good Egg, City of Craft… Why is this issue so important to you?

JEN : I think in the early years of craft engagement I spent A LOT of time on craft message boards, communicating with people halfway across the world about crafty crushes, trading tips & techniques, and generally being excited that there were other people out there (often far out there) that shared my interests. Eventually, as the craft movement/subculture grew I was able to connect with people closer to home, and I felt that this more traditional form of community was something I needed to engage with to be fully satisfied – I loved being able to physically share & touch & smell & see & hear what people are doing. Don’t get me wrong, I think the online, cross-border connection is extremely valuable and inspiring, but I think there is an increasing desire among crafters & humans to move back towards the local and my projects are a reflection of that.

You are a busy lady, what is next on the horizon for you?

JEN : The most immediate thing is getting the re-designed Toronto Craft Alert site launched (so soon!) and a very juicy giveaway contest I am hatching to celebrate. Also, Toronto area peeps may be excited to know that we are bringing Handmade Nation to town on February 26th as part of the DIwhy? show at the Ontario Crafts Council. Stay glued to the City of Craft site for details. Finally (well, is there ever a finally?!) the other day while doing dishes a really exciting & possibly huge idea occurred to me but I need to sit on it for awhile longer before busting it out. I’ll just say it has to do with offering targeted support to entrepreneurs in Toronto’s booming craft world.

I know how much you love colour and colour matching. Do you have a current favourite colour combo?

JEN : Oh, that’s a tough one! If I were fifteen years old, I would say purple & orange without hesitating. Things have gotten a little more complicated since then…I love the combination of superbright, saturated & neutral colours. I’m starting to explore neons & pastels.

If you had a day where you were not allowed to do any ‘work’ for all your ventures, how would you spend the day?

JEN : When left to my own devices I am a pretty lazy gal…I would say sipping loose tea in sweatpants & reading my fantasy novel on the couch (got hooked on a recent trip to Cuba). Maybe followed by a potluck/clothing swap with friends which my husband would cook for!

Are you planning on selling some rummage at the show? if yes, what might that be?

JEN : I am planning to tackle my unruly fabric stash and emerge some scrap bags & larger pieces. I will also have some vintage clothing on offer and old craft hobby magazines.

What Valentines gift would melt your heart?

JEN : I am a sucker for a carefully orchestrated (re: colour palette) bouquet. Handmade (by him) jewellery would also weaken the knees.