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Berninas outside

Summer seems like a dream, but I’ve been meaning to tell you about three rainy days of sewing bliss I had at Jacqueline‘s cottage at the middle of August.

In a nutshell : 5 girls, 2 dogs, 4 Berninas, 2 irons, 14 rulers, 7 pairs of scissors, 5 rotary cutters, lots of good food and sewing from morning til night.

See all the photos here. Next summer can’t come soon enough.

V&A quilt pattern + butter tart

By the lake

Katherine & Angelune

Wine stash

Mossy + Maisy

Jacqueline's cottage

Angelune's quilt project

Katrina's Circle of Geese

Katherine's Dresden's Plates

V&A quilt blocks


Katrina's Ohio Star Quilt

Katrina's Tokyo Subway Quilt Top & Back

Jacqueline's hand quilting

V&A Quilt block

This is how many rulers you need for a sewing weekend


Aurora 430

At the workroom we sew on Bernina sewing machines and sergers. People ask me all the time what I sew on at home and now I can finally say ‘a Bernina Aurora 430‘!

I’ve been sewing for the past eight years on a machine called, ‘The Craftmaster’ which has now been passed on to my mom. I rationalized for a long time that I had 7 Berninas already (at the shop), so no need to have one at home. The truth is that I very rarely get to do any actual sewing at the shop. I’ve been wistfully dreaming of a Bernina of my own since I first tried one.

There’s a definite reason that I chose Bernina for the workroom. I believe it’s the best. I spend a lot of time talking to you about the things that I make and now I’d like to mix in talking about how I make them with Bernina. I’ll be talking now and then about special features, feet, accessories about all of the machines. (sewing machines & sergers!) Getting to know your sewing machine and what it can do for you will make you a better seamstress. If you have a Bernina, I bet you love it. I know that I am absolutely in love with mine already. I’m hoping to create a resource for Bernina owners to learn even more about their machines and love them even more!

The Aurora has been my ultimate machine for a while now and I think I’ve earned it. I plan on putting it through its paces and telling you all about it.

(OMG. Seriously. Sewing has never been this fun! This machine is heaven.)

Aurora 430

Aurora 430