Julie Tee : pattern drafted by Julie C from an existing t-shirt
For a similar look, use the April Rhodes Staple Dress pattern and crop the length
Chambray Union Dot

I have a few pieces of store-bought clothing in my wardrobe that I’ve love to copy and make myself. Some of them I actually bought for that specific purpose. Kristiann taught me how to Knock it off, so I’ve got all the skills and tools. You should see those new pieces sneak into my closet very soon.

This pattern was shared with me by Julie C. who drafted it from one of her favourite simple t-shirts. It looked so great on her that I needed to try it for myself. It’s just two pattern pieces with bias trim for the neck. The pattern is very similar to the Staple Dress pattern, so if you like the look, you could try to crop that pattern and test it out.

I love the simplicity of this style!

p.s. This is the back of my Swoon Quilt hanging behind me!

Julie Tee : Chambray Union Dot

Julie Tee : Chambray Union Dot

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