Welcome October!

Slow Fashion October has just kicked off and it couldn’t be a more perfect time for some thoughtful reflection. The inspiring Karen Templer from Fringe Association has laid out a month of themes to spark discussion.

This week’s theme : YOU!

In case we haven’t officially met yet, I’m Karyn! I’m the owner of the workroom, a sewing studio & shop here in Toronto. I’ve been sewing for well over 15 years and making clothing for all of it. I learned to sew when I lived in New York City for five years working at The Color Association of the US. It’s crazy to think that I wasn’t documenting my sewing journey back then (no iPhone, no blog, no Instagram!), so all I have now are the garments from that time that are still in my wardrobe. I’m planning on going back in time through these projects to reflect on the evolution of my handmade wardrobe.  I’ll be sharing and working on lots of new projects over the month, too.

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