Inari Tee Dress : Named Clothing
Black Purrfect Hiding Spot : Cotton + Steel Rayon by Sarah Watts

I’ll admit that I’m a bit obsessed with Named Clothing patterns after trying just two of them, in particular this Inari Tee Dress. At first glance the Inari is quite simple, but the details are where it’s at. It is slightly cocoon-shaped with an uneven hem and rolled up short sleeves. It didn’t have pockets, so I added side seam pockets. There are two options for the neckline and I chose to do facings for this version. All together this basic Tee Dress is something you’ll want to grab everyday from your closet but it can easily rock a special occasion with it’s looks.

This is a quick pattern to sew. But take into account that Named Clothing patterns do not include seam allowance. Thus, you must trace out all your pieces and then add the extra seam allowance as directed. It takes time, but I consider tracing your patterns out as an investment in the garment. A traced pattern really pays off when you start making multiples of a piece. I’ve already made two Inaris and I’ve got plans for at least three more in the wings.

One of the awesome things about this pattern is that it is designed for both woven and knit fabric. The drape and feel of this Cotton + Steel rayon is incredible. (I used the Zipline rayon print to make my Handmade Style Tunic)  My second version of Inari was made with bamboo knit. I can’t believe that a dress could be so dressy and so comfy at the same time.

Once you get to the sewing, you can knock out this dress in a few hours. You better believe this means that it will be the summer of the Inari.

Inari Tee Dress Pattern

Inari Tee Dres

Inari Tee Dress

Inari Tee Dress

Inari Tee Dress

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