Intro To Fibre Reactive Dyes Class
with Julie Sinden

I’ve had lots of great natural dyeing experience and I love the process and the colours. I was curious about other types of dyes and the different colours that can be achieved. I was excited when Julie suggested a fibre reactive dye class so that we could explore some new techniques together.

The process is much different from natural dyeing where usually you are submerging your fibres in a pot and cooking them for a period of time. With fibre reactive dyes there is no cooking. You get to paint, squirt, dip and mix your dyes directly onto your fabrics. What’s even more fun is that you can pre-mix different colours to achieve a huge range of colour possibilities.

Natural dyeing will always hold a special place in my heart, but I love that this type of dyeing requires very little space and equipment and you can do a range of colours very easily. It’s the kind of project I would be happy to take on at home or in my backyard. The one tricky part is that the dye needs to ‘cure’ for about 24 hours, so you don’t get to admire your work right away. The dyed fabric gets put in a plastic baggie to stay wet while the cureing takes place.

I’m so happy with my little stack of fat quarters. I’m holding on to them for just the right quilting project. I’ve got a few ideas, perhaps an improv project inspired by the Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters?!

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