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Last night was a really fun Stitch n’ Bitch night at the workroom. There was a most impressive line-up of projects being worked on…

3 x pairs of underwear
3 x quilts (1 quilt being pieced together, 1 quilt being taken apart, 1 quilt being hand-quilted)
1 x cross stitch sampler
1 x pencil crayon sketches
1 x crochet neck warmers
2 x hats (1 warm and woolly, 1 mini with black feathers!!!)
1 x machine letter embroidery
1 x fabric-covered baby blocks
2 x 1″ buttons
1 x felt cup cozies
1 x newspaper article on craft


Sarah Anne


  1. Too bad I don’t live in Toronto. I need to make myself some new panties. 🙂

    I host a craft day for friends and family once a week and this is such an inspiration.

  2. I had such a great time! Thanks for organizing this! I can’t believe that was my first time going! I am REALLY going to try to come to quilt sunday this month!
    And I hope the globe and mail lady does not get her video working…

  3. This looks like so much fun..what wonderful projects. I really have to try and make it out to the next one!!


    I was planning on coming last night and bringing wee Ollie. But my laptop inched closed to the birnk of death and my little peanut had a bit of a ummmmm vocal hour. Alas, it was not meant to be 🙁

    Definitely coming to April Stitch and Bitch.

    Thanks for keeping the creativity dream alive. Love your blog

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