Most likely the cherry blossoms in High Park are now done, especially since the weather was so wacky and windy on Saturday. I did make it over to see them last Monday with Maisy. After all these years, it was my first time experiencing this lovely yearly event. It was great to see so many people out, taking photos and picknicking under the trees. I didn’t stay too long since I had yucky accounting to take care of. Next year I will bring a blanket (Note to self: Make picnic blanket), a picnic and a book to celebrate the blossoms and the fact that I have hired a bookkeeping service to take care of my 2009 accounting, so I will never spend another day off indoors rifling through dull paperwork. Yeah!

Unfortunately, I will be spending my day off today trying to finish off my 2008 accounting. Please please please let me finish this horror today.