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County Fair Birdie Sling

This is the second Birdie Sling that I’ve made for my mom. (Here’s the last one) She put in a special request this year for Christmas for a new version with darker colours. I looked through my stash and found a generous piece of this dark County Fair home dec fabric by Denyse Schmidt. It went perfectly with the coral prints from Tula Pink’s Salt Water collection that I used for the bands, handles and the lining.

We always have the Birdie Sling Pattern in stock, it’s a classic!

County Fair Birdie Sling

County Fair Birdie Sling


nani IRO Birdie Sling

I’m a bit embarrassed. I just looked to see how long ago it was that I made my last Birdie Sling Bag and it was just about two years ago. This is mostly embarrassing if you could see the state that the bag is in right now. The handle has almost disintegrated for starters and it’s rather faded and quite dirty. I use my Birdie Sling every day, I can’t seem to live without it. I’m a little surprised it’s taken me this long to make a replacement Birdie, but I’m rather picky about my fabric choices for this bag.

I have yet to show you, but I made a pretty skirt out of this same nani IRO fabric. The more I looked at it, the more I thought it would be an awesome Birdie Sling. For the last few months I’ve had a piece just waiting to find it’s matching handle & lining fabrics. With all the fabric coming through the doors of the workroom right now, I can’t believe I didn’t find a match sooner.

Sunday afternoon, I had a sewing date with Katherine who announced she was making a Birdie Sling for our upcoming trip to Italy. Drat! I wanted to make one too. I had no choice but to shop my stash at home and find something that would work. I ending up deciding to just use a stripe fabric I got at Sultan’s Fine Fabrics (meant for a dress) as just the bands and using the same nani IRO print for both the body of the bag and the handle. For the lining, I used a Japanese fabric I bought at Fancy Tiger when we went to the Makerie.

I always add an inside zippered pocket to my Birdie Slings. I like to have a secure area. Especially when traveling. Check out our Birdie Sling class photos for more inspiration.

Katherine & I are headed to Italy to go to Squam Italia. We’re going early to tour around since neither of us has been there before. If anyone out there has any favourite places to stay, eat, drink, shop, buy fabric, taste wine or anything we shouldn’t miss – we’d love your suggestions. We’re flying into Rome, then heading North to Siena, then Florence, then over to the east coast to a small town called Morro D’Oro for Squam. We leave on Monday. EEK!!!

nani IRO Birdie Sling

nani IRO Birdie Sling

nani IRO Birdie Sling

nani IRO Birdie Sling


Far Far Away II Birdie Sling

I’ve been using my sewing machine again and it feels so good. We were on a little break from each other, but I’m suddenly feeling really inspired to get going on some projects.

I was waiting for the Heather Ross Far Far Away II fabric to arrive so that I could make myself a new Birdie Sling bag. I knew it would make the perfect new fall bag. This is the fifth Birdie Sling (1, 2, & 4) that I’ve sewn, so when I make it now, there’s a nice rhythm and familiarity with the pattern that is so satisfying. Mind you, some of you eager sewers out there have made this bag twelve to thirty times! (Dawn, Kelly, Kristen!)

This is still by far, my favourite bag pattern. I used two Far Far Away fabrics for the outside, the grey roses for the body and the grey Sleeping Beauty for the handles and bands. For the lining and pockets, I used a vintage orange floral fabric that I bought in Brimfield. The Far Far Away fabric is a linen/cotton blend and it awesome to sew with. Plus, it’s crazy cute. Also, this colour palette of grey + orange + bits of blue feels perfect for fall.

As soon as I had finished this bag, I started to work on another project using Far Far Away. This fabric gets me so excited! I’m going to finish that up today and try to post it tomorrow. I’m pretty proud of it, since I made up my own pattern and it totally turned out. Love when that happens.

Far Far Away II Birdie Sling

Far Far Away II Birdie Sling

Far Far Away II Birdie Sling


Birdie Sling

My first completed project from my Finishing List! This one was the easiest to finish. It’s good to start with an easy victory. I merely had to hand sew the hole closed on the inside lining of the bag. Still, sometimes those little details stop us from finishing a project for way too long.

I made this Birdie Sling for my mom for Christmas (2009). The fabrics I chose for her ended up feeling pretty summery – French General Linen/Cotton blend with birds and a coral pink batik for the lining, so I’ve finished it just in time to get some good use this season. I tried something a little different this time, rather than using interfacing or muslin on the inside, I used an organic cotton canvas that we have in the shop. I’ve used this previously on other bags I’ve made and like the results. I just baste the canvas to my pieces before sewing them together. It also means I don’t need as much. When using interfacing, every single piece gets a layer of interfacing. With the canvas, I just did a single layer of canvas for each part. For example, I basted the canvas to one of the layers of the handle and not the other. One layer of the canvas between the two gives enough stability.

I made a special label for the inside by typing onto muslin and did some machine embroidery to embellish the pockets. Once you’ve made a couple Birdie Slings, you don’t even need to look at the instructions and it’s a pretty satisfying project to complete.

Although I’m enjoying my Day in the Park Backpack Tote, there’s something really great about the roomy Birdie Sling. As soon as I find the perfect fabric, I’ll be making myself another, for sure.

Posting my Finishing List has gotten me really motivated. I almost finished machine quilting my Buzz Saw quilt last night. More finished projects coming soon!

Birdie Sling

Birdie Sling


The quote above is from ‘Twilight’. I read the first book on Monday and last night I read the entire second book, “New Moon”. It’s safe to say that I’m completely hooked and that my day job is currently interfering with me spending more time with Edward Cullen. I haven’t seen the movie yet. I’ve decided to wait until I’ve read through the rest of the series first. The premise of the books is that a young teen girl falls in love with a hot vampire and misadventure ensues. It certainly isn’t for everyone, but I’m so pre-disposed to teen drama. My So-Called-Life, Dawson’s Creek, Felicity, Gossip Girl – you name it, I love it. I’m curious if this obsession will ever end or will I still be hooked on the lives of fictional teens in twenty years?

The quote is typewritten on muslin and stitched to the inside pocket of my new Birdie Sling. I forgot to press the space bar between two words, so it’s not perfect, but that’s the charm of the typewriter. There is no delete button.

It was definitely time for a new bag. After six months of daily use, Birdie Sling #1 needed to retire. Plus, I wanted to be a bit matchy and make something to go with my new coat.

I did a couple things differently this time. Instead of fusible interfacing, I just basted a layer of washed cotton muslin to all of the bag’s pieces. I really like how this turned out. I often find fusible interfacing rather frustrating when it bubbles and doesn’t stick properly. For the pockets, I turned the small pocket into a zippered pocket to add a secure spot to keep my ipod, phone charger and lip balm.

I also made a matching zippered pouch for my Shinzi Katoh agenda. This way I can keep my pens, cheque books and business cards altogether. This system is working out really well for me and makes me feel like I’m making progress with my life-long wish to be more organized.

But really – Twilight, anyone?

Birdie Sling #2


Birdie Sling, originally uploaded by the workroom.

Amy Butler Birdie Sling Pattern
Exterior fabric – Amy Butler Tree Peony in Lime
Band & Handle fabric – Lecien Centenary Collection
Lining fabric – Amy Butler Happy Dots in Grey

I tend to tote too many things back and forth from home to the shop. Piles of fabric that need to be washed and dried for projects, books, my camera, Maisy supplies, various groceries, wallet, and all the other extra bits of things that I may or may not need on a daily basis. The new Amy Butler pattern for the Birdie Sling arrived at just the right time. I was starting to feel like a sloppy bag lady.

This was my first attempt at one of her handbag patterns. So far, I really like her patterns a lot. There was a glossary of terms included with the pattern that explained all of the technical terms quite clearly. The pattern calls for both fusible interfacing and fusible fleece. I didn’t have any fusible fleece and just did the interfacing only. I’m happy with how it turned out, but if you want a much ‘stiffer’ band around the top, you might include the fleece. There are two pockets on the inside, which could easily be further customized with a zipper or additional compartments. My goal was to finish the bag as quickly as possible, so I passed on doing additional any work. The one thing I did do, was make the small pocket using the handle fabric for a bit of contrast inside the bag.

This bag is amazing! You wouldn’t believe how much stuff it can hold and the shoulder strap is very comfortable. The design is very smart and easy for a beginner sewer. I learned a lot of great tricks from making this pattern. I especially like the curved gussets at the bottom and the pleating along the top.

I absolutely recommend this bag for both looks and function. I’ll be slinging this birdie with me everywhere from now on.